Bright & Beautiful - Harpers Bazaar Magazine Review

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This month, British lifestyle blogger Gabrielle of A Glass of Ice blog finds inspiration in the polished pages of her favourite glossy with a Harpers Bazaar magazine review...

I’ve long been a fan of leafing through glossy magazines on train journeys, and as a result have found myself loyal to a handful of subscriptions. However, this month’s introduction to Harpers Bazaar has opened my eyes to other great material waiting to be discovered!
harpers bazaar magazine august 2016If I had to pinpoint the leading reason as to why I’m so keen on adding magazines to my ever-growing collection, it’d have to be the impressive visuals. As a lifestyle blogger I cover a variety of topics, though each category seems to come back to presentation; the setting, the clothing, the arrangement. With this in mind, Harpers Bazaar has been a total (new!) treat to read. August’s issue begins with a pastel-coloured, whimsical cover featuring a feathered gown and watercolour background. And it ends with an embellished Chanel blazer followed by a page spread calling for Gender Equality. There’s a lot to love from beginning to end, even the selected advertisements prove useful when it comes to drawing inspiration.
harpers bazaar magazine august 2016My favourite feature of this month’s colour-packed issue has undoubtedly been the Things We Love section. Focussing on aspects that promote a ‘fairy-tale romance’, the feature delivers plenty of style inspiration, as well as mood boards comprising images pulled from the latest catwalks. With glimpses of heavy embellishment, castles and princess carriages sitting behind the Top 10 countdown, it’s safe to say the issue has delivered ‘fairy-tale romance’ on all fronts.
harpers bazaar magazine august 2016With regard to the target audience, Harpers Bazaar is certainly more ambitious in terms of budget, however I’ve come to grasp over time that fashion magazines are not necessarily there to bully you into making a purchase, and rather to provide inspiration for whatever may suit your budget. Well, mission accomplished, because the feature on wearing precious bejewelled pieces in the hair this summer encouraged me to source and place a black vintage brooch over my ponytail last weekend. One thing is for the certain, this won’t be the last time I’m left feeling inspired after closing the pages of Harpers Bazaar!

Determined to find a little glossy inspiration yourself? Why not treat yourself to a Harpers Bazaar magazine subscription today and find a perfectly polished publication landing through your letterbox every month?

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