Can a magazine make you healthier?

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Gwen McMullin from This Fashion Is Mine reviews Women's Health Magazine. Read how the magazine has a perfect mix of beauty and well-being articles, and find out whether or not Gwen was inspired to get out and exercise.

I’m a brand new subscriber to Women’s Health magazine. Being a female who isinterested in diet and fitness, but rarely finds the inspiration to execute it, the idea of reading a health magazine each month was quite daunting!

I was a little worried Women’s Health would be packed full of workout plans for gym bunnies and vegan recipes for foodies (of which I am neither) but I was pleasantly surprised. I found the May issue to be very accessible to all types of women.

There were lots of handy tips on making exciting lunches with wraps in the ‘Eat Smart’ section (pages 63-65) using ingredients that are actually available at the local supermarket, and articles from women at various fitness levels talking about changing their outlook on diet and fitness.

A pleasant surprise was the amount of beauty related articles found in the pages of this issue. Like any glossy magazine, there was a fashion editorial halfway through (albeit sporty gym-appropriate fashion) and further along was a six page spread entitled ‘60 Beauty Tips Every Woman Needs’. This was a fantastic read, with really useful insider tricks about getting the most out of your makeup.

Women’s Health may not be for those of you who want a magazine based entirely on fitness, but for me the beauty and fashion segments were a welcome addition and rounded out the whole appeal of the magazine.