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Lifestyle blogger Georgia from Love On The Wall blog is prioritising her fitness over the festive period - that sparkly Christmas party dress never looked so good! Here's 5 tips for staying fit throughout the festivities, without giving up the great Christmassy food and drink we all love. 

PA160104Right, so that summer body didn’t happen… oops! Although I think every body is ‘bikini ready’ and it’s about how YOU feel, not what the media portray – we do all like to feel our best when we’re showing a little more skin – or even if we’re not, to be quite honest.

Now, I’m not a fan of working out and I’d much rather a slice of cake than a kale salad, but I’m starting to feel sluggish. I hate that draining, sluggy feeling you get when you’ve been a little too relaxed in the health and fitness department and with party season fast approaching, I want to nip it in the bud. Fast!

I don’t just mean physical health either, making sure I’m looking after my mind and the outside of my body too! With the help of flicking through copies from my Women’s Health magazine subscription, I’ve come up with 5 tips to keep on top of staying fit, happy and healthy in the Winter months.

They do say ‘Summer Bodies’ are made in winter and hey, who doesn’t want to feel incredible when the slip into a slinky sequin dress this Christmas?

  1. Get App-y

Staying healthy on the go is something I find really difficult. Meal deals for an easy lunch and three courses for divine dinner are far too tempting. Women’s Health magazine has an article on some helpful apps to use for finding the right meal for you whilst you’re out and about. I love the sound of ‘Kafoddle’ – you can enter your food intolerances and it’ll tell you where the nearest places to eat, that can accommodate your needs, are.

  1. Goodbye Mind Traffic

I’m terrible at winding down before bed. Laptop, phone, TV, the works, but I’ve recently found that I can’t sleep and I wake up feeling completely unrested with my mind already whizzing. I’m going to take some steps to wind down before bed. Bubble baths, pillow sprays, reading a book and most importantly, no blue light.PA160096

  1. New Clothes!

Unfortunately, I don’t mean updating the Autumn wardrobe, I mean getting some new sportswear in. I love buying new workout wear, I feel great and so productive when I wear it. I go for the brightest colours I can possibly find.  Women’s Health magazine is packed full of sportswear inspo so you won’t be without ideas after reading!

  1. Peppermint Tea

I will be indulging in festive hot drinks, I can’t resist – so I want to commit to occasionally making a swap for some Peppermint tea instead. It boosts memory and alertness so perfect for the day after the Office Christmas party too!

  1. Mini Workouts

I find big marathon style runs, boot camps and hours of intense gym-ing a little overwhelming, so HIIT workouts at home, Yoga and Barre are the workouts I’m going to be trying out as they seem a little more my style.

So, there you have it. Just a few little changes I’m going to be making to look after myself a bit more this Winter. I do like to be realistic, I’m never going to eat completely clean, cut out sugar or exercises for hours every day but these are a few easier, slightly smaller steps to feeling better about yourself.

Feeling inspired to keep fit and enjoy balance over the sparkly winter months? Why not try a Women's Health magazine subscription - perfect to get you moving and feeling fabulous all year round!

This is a guest post via the blogger network.