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Lifestyle blogger Emma from Life According to Mrs Shilts reviews some futuristic home gadgets found in Stuff magazine.


Whether we like it or not, new and emerging technology is changing the world we live in. No doubt most of us have a mobile telephone, we access the internet on a daily if not hourly basis from said mobile telephone and our homes contain some of the latest technologies – you can even manage your boiler remotely these days.

Stuff magazine takes a look at the latest gadgets and devices to hit the market. As the latest issue hit the mat, I’m sharing my insights as to what gadgets we can expect to see in our family homes in the very near future.

Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

Imagine a gadget that works with an app on your tablet that can help you put together a meal from the contents of your cupboards! The Drop Connected Kitchen Scale from Lakeland relies on your tablet as its screen as you weigh out the ingredients on the rubber scale. It’ll set you back around £80 which is pricey but if the app works as well as it sounds it could, you could well be clearing out the last of your baking ingredients and getting your bake on.

Pebble smartwatch

Gone are the times when a watch on your wrist just told you the time. Now a pebble smartwatch can manage and organise your life from just a couple of taps – phone, calendar, lists and events. Is this the new pen and paper? Will we ever need to write anything down again?

Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

These genius smart bulbs work with “light recipes” (made on ifttt.com) so that they can change colour when something specific happens, such as changing to green ambient lighting when it’s warmer than 20 degrees, or any other rule you want to make up. It's mood lighting at it’s very best.

DxO One clip on camera

Taking the smartphone to another level, the DxO One attaches to an iPhone and turns it into a digital camera with settings to complete with any DSLR. Take the best digital photographs on the go and upload them in an instant. The DxO One is rather expensive so I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing lots of them on the streets just yet but give it time and competitors are sure to drive the price down.

Technology is changing and what we’re seeing coming onto the gadget market now might just be the new way we will do things in the very near future. Now where’s the app that will make me a brew.

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