How to pull off any fashion trend

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Fashion blogger Helen from Helen’s Wardrobe adapts feminine summer style to her tomboy personality, with help from Harper’s Bazaar.


There are many places, people and areas of popular culture to draw style inspiration from. Probably one of the more obvious is the catwalk. Street style is basically the diffusion line of the catwalk — a place where trends are explored by real people, adapted to suit work, leisure and different personalities.

Fashion magazines dedicate pages to street style, so they’re definitely a place to look, too. Magazines also create inspiring boards dedicated to trends, breaking them down into colour, texture and shape. Looking at trends in this way can help to translate the seemingly impossible and incorporate pieces into your own wardrobe without looking like someone threw a catwalk directly onto you.

But with all these different visual references how do we identify one trend and make it work for ourselves?


I set this challenge for myself to prove it's possible, choosing one trend featured in Harper's Bazaar and making it work for me.

Let's set the scene: a self-confessed tomboy, my style pretty much centres on that. I'm a fashion blogger and run a custom classic car business and my style reflects this with a nod to trends, but the main focus is comfort. With all this in mind I chose Summer's most feminine trend, English Rose. Think pinks, delicate textures and fabrics — basically the opposite of me. Surely I'm going against everything I just said with this trend? Not at all.

I took a men's Rum Knuckles t-shirt and transformed it into a cropped halter top with tulle tie and styled it with a soft pink vintage tulle skirt and beat up Converse. I wore my usual chunky silver rings and my hair pinned back, again for comfort and ease!


Here are some more tips for adapting trends for you:

Don't go over the top. Just because you like a trend doesn't mean it will work! What is your existing style? If you're not sure, take a look through your wardrobe or browse through some pictures to identify a dominant, visual, tone, then adapt the trend to work for you.

Very honest friends are priceless. Ask their advice on your ensemble and listen to them. Don't go out looking like you're about to join a parade.

Real style is all about being comfortable and confident. So keep that in mind when you can't see over your ruffles, or your bodycon dress is restricting your breathing.


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