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As people take more interest in vegan and plant based diets, Chloe from By the Lock shares her thoughts on a recent issue of Vegan Life magazine.

inspiration from vegan life magazine

I just got my hands on my third issue of Vegan life magazine and I hardly know what to tell you first... A ‘vegan’ magazine has never really appealed to me before, I’ve flicked through a few in health stores but nothing has ever caught my eye/kept me interesting; they all seemed a little preachy, extremely dated and there never seem to be anything new in them that appealed to me, they didn't teach me anything! But, when I first saw Vegan Life (issue 6) it stood out straight away with its dark cover and “Heil Saiten!” written across it. I flicked through, still a little sceptical, and I loved what I saw. I went ahead and got a subscription almost right away, and like I said, I'm on my third issue now and I am still in love.

vegan life magazine inside

It's a tough decision but my favourite thing about the issues I’ve received so far has to be the recipes they share. Issue 7 was dedicated to pizza! How amazing is that? It covered 124 pizza recipes, including snack size, healthier versions and a bunch of ways to “vegan-ise” cheese too.  I've given one of the base recipes a go and it came out perfect, and it was incredibly easy. They regularly share recipes from some well-established vegan chefs and their incredible recipe books too! After giving the BBQ Tempeh and Dilly-Slaw bowl from Issue 6 a go, I went and bought the book it came from; Samurai Ninja! Vegan Life is a staple in our kitchen now.

vegan life pizza review

I don’t want to make you think that Vegan Life is just a recipe book though, it is packed full of extremely informative, useful and interesting pieces, they have non-pushy articles on palm oil and the dairy industry alongside interviews from vegan athletes, beer and wine recommendations, restaurant reviews and a bunch of other incredibly written pieces. It’s a real sit-down and read for hours magazine.

vegan life magazine smoothie

Vegan Life appeals to so many people, which I think is one of the great things about it; the recipes are perfect for those with vegan friends and family (you could seriously impress someone), the articles are there for anyone interested in the environmental, where their food comes from, even those looking to cut down on meat or eat just eat a little healthier. The snack recipes are great for parents with young children who they don’t want to load up with sugar and E-numbers. Expand your knowledge, learn a few tricks and think outside the box.

If you already follow a vegan or plant-based diet, or are just interested in learning more, why not subscribe to Vegan Life magazine today?