Planning my next holiday with National Geographic Traveller

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Julieta, lifestyle and travel blogger from Juliet Oscar Yankee, tells us how National Geographic Traveller magazine inspired her to plan her next trip…

A feature on San Francisco in National Geographic Traveller

After taking a closer look at my diary, I realised I hadn't been on a proper holiday in a year and a half. It's easy to get distracted, caught up in routine and forget that you deserve some time off to relax and experience new things.

Lucky for me, I subscribed to National Geographic Traveller magazine. For the May issue, a beautiful image of surfers at sunrise in Australia graces the cover - "That's it!" I thought, Australia it is! But not too fast, as I opened the contents page I couldn't believe the variety of articles in the issue. One thing I really can't stop thinking about is the quality of the images. They are absolutely dreamy.

Perhaps what surprised me the most about the magazine is the diversity of the content. There's an article for everyone, even for over 50s looking to take up traveling after retirement. The features are extremely well written and very informative – it's like having a tourist guide at your fingertips. The destinations covered are also very inspiring although what I find most helpful is that they highlight the places that are potentially not very well-known but still beautiful corners of the world worth visiting.

Right, so about my next holiday. I stumbled upon an article about San Francisco. I've always had the idea of visiting the city but I guess this is what gave me that last push. The editors list some great recommended activities, such as having a ride on the infamous cable car, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, having lunch at Test Kitchen and more! They also advise that renting a car is not necessary, unlike in many other cities in the US.

I turned the page to find a gorgeous spread of the Lake District. Having been to Windermere some years ago, this feature not only makes me fall in love with it again but it prompts the idea of planning a weekend trip with my boyfriend. In case you didn't know, the Lake District was home to Beatrix Potter so if you are a big fan like me, I highly recommend you pay it a visit.

Another thing I like about National Geographic Traveller is the importance they give to food. Personally, I find that traveling really awakens the senses and what better way to complement that than with great food. They not only give you recommendations for restaurants to visit on every location but they also have extensive features on local foods and dishes you need to try. Don't read those with an empty stomach, though!

Perhaps what I'm looking forward to the most from now on is being able to daydream every day on my commute to work while going through National Geographic Traveller. I guess it's also a great way to keep my focus on savings to able to discover the world one city at a time. Don't forget to enter the prize draws too, who knows!? You could get your next holiday for free!

Front cover of National Geographic Traveller

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