Pro tips for 'sales' shopping

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Fashion blogger Trusha from Secret Style File shares her tips for conquering the end of season sales.

‘Buy with judgement, wear with intention’
-Journalist Eric Pritchard, 1902

Flicking through the latest issue of Grazia, I find myself mentally making my wish-list from the best picks in the ‘sales’ edit on page 28. All of which I love but not all of it do I need.

The big end of season sales generally come around twice a year and savvy shoppers will trawl their way through the rails – both real and online - picking up bargains.

As easy as it sounds, I assure you it is not. I’d suggest setting the following ground rules before setting off and braving those ‘sales’.


  1. Take a good look at your current wardrobe and remind yourself of any gaps. Do you have an obscene amount of skirts but not enough tops to team them up with? Add tops for skirts to your shopping list so you know what you need to look out for.
  2. Take this opportunity to remind yourself of any impulse buys from last year which you still have not worn (Note to self – don’t do it again!)
  3. Sales are a great time for stocking up on classic staple wardrobe pieces such as a chunky knit, a good coat, a great pair of jeans, that kind of thing. These are items you will need throughout most of the year and can be teamed up with trend focused pieces.
  4. So many shoppers fall into the trap of compromising on size just because an item is half the price. If it doesn’t fit, walk away and look for something else.
  5. Having said that, if you know a good tailor and it’s just a matter of hemming a pair of trousers that are an amazing bargain, then go for it! Same goes for missing buttons — you can easily get some new ones sewn on.
  6. Check the refund and exchange policies before buying. Some stores only allow you seven days and some don’t allow refunds on sale items at all. You don’t want to go home and find yourself stuck with an impulse buy.
  7. Handbags and shoes are my weakness when sale shopping. You can get some amazing bargains for items that you will use for years.
  8. Know your budget, it may be £200 marked down from £450 but if it’s going to leave a huge hole in your bank account then walk away and have a little cry if you want to.

It goes without saying that you know your own style better than anyone else so keep this in mind and embrace it. Subscribe to Grazia magazinefor all the latest, greatest fashion tips and advice.