Stephanie Dreams magazine picks

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Stephanie Dreams

Magazines seem a little like a luxury now, I love treating myself and spending the day drinking tea and flicking through the glossy pages. I pick up most magazines and give them a flick through, but of course I have my faves!

There are so many fashion and style magazines out there, and although the large fashion titles are amazing, I find Look the best for any high street lover, like myself. I love the high street picks, especially when they feature Primark. It has just the right amount of style, beauty, articles and celebs and is the perfect easy read.

Interior design is my other love, and Elle Decoration has my eyes full of hearts at all times. I literally could read through the pages again and again and see something new and different every time. I love using Pinterest for homely ideas, but there's nothing better than actually reading a physical magazine and making your own mood boards. I love doing this when we want to decorate or have an idea in mind to change one of the rooms in the house.

I'd love to know your top picks for magazine buys? Let me know on Twitter @StephDreamsBlog