What's special about the Vogue September issue?

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Beauty blogger Anoushka from Anoushka Loves shares her love for the September issue of Vogue magazine subscription.


Nothing makes me happier than a certain issue of a certain magazine. For all those fashionistas out there, you will all know that I’m talking about The September Issue of Vogue, which is not just a highly anticipated edition, but a turning point within the fashion calendar.

It’s a bumper packed edition filled with glossy pages, tempting advertorials and a smorgasbord of fashion and beauty ready to cull the end of summer and whisk us into autumn and winter. For me, I think September is that pivotal moment in my life as I’m ready to make changes for the autumn/winter season. It’s almost like I need an update to my image and a wardrobe overhaul ready for the upcoming season.

I start work on my winter wishlist around the time the September issue of Vogue hits my doormat. Although Vogue caters for the higher end, I like to take inspiration from new trends and fashions and find similar products in shops that fit my budget. Key pieces are winter coats and chunky knitwear, sturdy ankle boots with a knee-length fit, as well as soft scarves and statement accessories.


But browsing through this month’s Vogue has not just inspired my winter wishlist and lit a fashion fire in my belly. I’ve also loved reading the article on Emma Watson, who holds this month’s cover. From a young girl starring in Harry Potter, Watson has matured before our eyes into a stylish sometimes model, highly sought after actress and now UN Ambassador.

For a young woman of 25, she certainly is a great influence and role model for young girls to look up too. The Watson article is a must-read, not only for the great interview but the stunning photographs of Watson clad in Erdem and Burberry Prorsum.

For me, Vogue is the quintessential mag for any fashion lover.


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