Why weird is a compliment

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Self-proclaimed weirdo and blogger Angharad of From The Top of the Garden explains why oddness is awesome.

Weird girl holding a CD

I was taking a leisurely read of Glamour lately, when I came across an article that really struck a chord with me, written by actress Felicia Day – 'Why weird’ is a compliment’. Now, I’m a bit of a weirdo. I don’t react very well in conversation with attractive humans, I make inappropriate comments fairly regularly, and sometimes when I laugh so much it hurts, a little tiny bit of snot comes out (there we go, I’ve officially shared that information with the world).

I know this and can admit it, and I’m fairly sure others around me know it too – I was actually at the after-party of a swanky film premiere the other night (ooh, get me), where a guy that I had been talking to announced, “I’m sorry, you’re just too weird”. Not the kind of crowd you want to let your freak out in front of. But y’know what, after reading Felicia’s article, I’m not going to be ashamed by it and neither should you, fellow weirdos of the interweb.

I agree 100% with Felicia’s theory that if you’re called weird, you’re simply ‘showing the world you feel free enough to be yourself.’ In a world where internet trolls and body-shaming is a thing – not a positive of all the brilliant things on the internet, but it’s still out there – it can be easy to dull down or hide our personalities, for fear of rejection or simply to avoid being laughed at, not with.

But your individual opinion, your sense of humour and the way you see the world is what makes you unique, and we should embrace the differences between ourselves and everyone else. That’s why I love Glamour, because it reaches out to you as an individual, and lets you know that it’s okay to stand out from the crowd, to sometimes laugh at your own jokes, and to dress how you want to dress and own it. You can be a weirdo and be glamorous, so be yourself and stuff those who judge you for it.

The world is a big place, full of billions of people – why be like everyone else? Let your freak flag fly, I’m right there with you.


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