3 Last Minute NYE Ideas

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New Year's Eve always seems to creep up on us after Christmas - these last minute NYE ideas are a great way to upgrade your party from flat to fizzing. The best way to see in the New Year!

1. Decorate with Balloons

NYE balloon decorating ideas | The Hub blog at magazine.co.ukColourful Balloons | Champagne Bottle Balloon + Tassel

Balloons are a quick and easy way to add colour and atmosphere to any space. Want to make a statement? Go large with one conversation starter like this champagne bottle style balloon with a tassel for amazing photo opportunities. Alternatively, if you want to fill a big space - go colourful and as many as you can fit! Fill bright balloons with helium, tie with a trailing ribbon and let them float to the ceiling for instant party decor.

Metallic Balloons DIY | The Hub blog at magazine.co.ukGold Brushed White Balloons | Mardi Gras Themed Black Balloons

If you have time, getting crafty with metallic paint is a great way to add a little sparkle. Pick a pack of balloons all the same hue and paint after blowing up - it doesn't have to be perfect; the rougher and more arty the better!

2. Quick Fix Sparkle

Glitter Beards and Make Up | The Hub blog at magazine.co.ukGlitter Beard | Glitter Eye Make Up

Glitter makes everyone feel a bit more sparkly and in the mood to party! A great option you can do as much or as little as you like with - add a little to eyelids for party make up or make a statement with heavy glitter (above). Something for the gents? Go all out with a glitter beard!

Glitter Party | The Hub blog at magazine.co.ukGlitter Confetti Party | Glitter Applause

If you're not doing the cleaning up (or don't mind picking glitter out of the carpet until next New Year), glitter is a great way to bring the fireworks indoors - give everyone a handful at midnight for the best photo of the night!

3. Dress Up Your Drinks

Glittery Drinks | The Hub blog at magazine.co.ukGlitter Dipped Cups | Tinsel Stirrers

Nothing says party like a festively dressed drink - why not try glitter dipped glasses or sparkly stirrers? These DIYs are really easy - just use spray glue and dip for the glitter glasses and wind a little tinsel around cocktail stirrers and secure with tape for a sparkly stirrer for everyone!

DIY Drinks | The Hub blog at magazine.co.ukBow Tie Glasses | Starry Stirrers

Bit too girly? These bow tie tumblers are a great option for the boys - simply attach black paper bows to black elastic for elegant Gatsy-style bow tie cups. Never have a guest lose their drink again with these star stirrers - just cut out a star shape from black paper, write a name on each, attach to a stirrer and voila!

Can't wait to get started? Find more inspiration with our NYE Pinterest board.

Happy New Year from the magazine.co.uk team!