A magazine isn't just for Christmas

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Knowing what to buy your little angels for Christmas can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t fancy filling their stockings with heaps of throwaway toys. What about buying them a treat that will last all year? A magazine isn’t just for Christmas after all...

According to a recent study from the Telegraph, children who read from a young age will have a far broader vocabulary in adult life; all the more reason to treat them with a magazine subscription! A unique gift that is both fun and educational. But which magazine subscriptions for kids can we recommend for Christmas?

How It Works

50925ebed2c0428072b6a5c841730afcA fascinating collection of facts and figures from the world of technology, science, space and history. Whether he is an astronaut in the making or she dreams of becoming a surgeon, How It Works will bring them a mountain of information to keep their minds ticking. With plenty of how-to guides for the arty kids too, a How It Works magazine subscription will keep them entertained for hours.

National Geographic Kids

698afe9648a45f98e119d2a05e06aeb7For the explorer, National Geographic Kids makes a great gift idea for Christmas. All your child needs to know about creepy crawlies and the world’s most endangered species. A National Geographic Kids magazine subscription will fuel your child with high-quality photographs, interesting articles and heaps of fun quizzes and games. Oh and lots of competitions every month.

 The Beano

1bec5b4f4bb170690d4e60d8e354a559The Beano is not only home to Dennis the Menace and dog Gnasher, but also a range of other exciting characters including Rodger the Dodger and Billy Whizz. A subscription to the Beano magazine will entertain children and might even bring back some of your own childhood memories. Hours of giggling and lots of fun is guaranteed with a Beano magazine subscription for Christmas. Plus the jokes in this comic are better than those hidden in Christmas crackers!

 Jacqueline Wilson

a60993133f3cc165529a6ac9fe287d93Is your daughter like Tracey Beaker? If she’s obsessed with all things Jacqueline Wilson, a Jacqueline Wilson magazine subscription for Christmas is a great idea. Fuelled with girly fun, heaps of colourful illustrations and all the characters from the famous authors' 71 books; the official Jacqueline Wilson magazine is the perfect companion, offering advice on friendship, school and style. A great choice for a girl that is growing up too fast.

 First News

FirstNews8410164455First News magazine is the weekly newspaper for kids, packed full of current affairs from around the globe. Regularly reporting on environmental news, sporting developments and plenty of puzzles, First News is the perfect pressie for 7-14-year-olds. Throw in tons of fun, celebrities, photos and features and a First News magazine subscription makes a great gift for your budding broadcaster.

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