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I'm Tess, I'm a Brighton-based SEO/social media marketer and copywriter by day and a limit-pushing fitness freak by early morning and night. My blog recently made it into Greatist's Top 60 Must Read Health & Fitness Blogs of 2015, which I'm still finding pretty amazing to be honest :) I've completely changed my lifestyle over the past few years, and what started as yet another mission to lose weight and get fit (I'd given up on a thousand half-arsed attempts before), has become a permanent and happy lifestyle choice. Basically I found something I loved, and stuck with it.

DSLR photography for beginners

Fitness and lifestyle blogger Tess from Fitbits shares her tips for beginners’ photography from Practical Photographer magazine.

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Window shopping for adventures with Outdoor Fitness

With a strapline of ‘Maximise your Potential’ sitting proudly above its header, Outdoor Fitness is a magazine packed with adventure and exploration – like a glossy inspo-mag for fitness types, bursting with epic ultra runs, iron distance triathlons and brutal mountain expeditions.

Outdoor Fitness

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