Baking Heaven

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Food blogger Stuart AKA Cakeyboi got stuck into the latest baking edition of Food Heaven. Here are his best bits.


Baking Heaven is a very aptly named magazine! Despite the fact I love everything about baking, I had never opened a copy of Baking Heaven magazine until I decided to take a subscription through And I’m very glad I did.

My first issue was pushed through my letter box and I took no time at all in opening it up and devouring the contents. When I say devouring I am speaking metaphorically of course, as this magazine is jam packed full of so many tempting treats it would take you a good while to eat everything in it.

This issue was split into different types of heaven: Teatime Treats Heaven, Cake Heaven, Cookies and Biscuits Heaven, Puddings Heaven and even a section on lighter heavenly bakes. So much to get through, but luckily if you are wanting to jump straight to a particular area of the magazine, the Heavens are all colour coded and you can glance at the side of the pages to know where you are heading to.


One page I loved near the start was ‘Baking Products’ which highlights new and innovative items from the world of the UK’s most beloved pastime. In the Summer 2015 issue we see very cute bucket and spade silicone molds, perfect for a seaside picnic! Also on display was an engraved slate boards, decorative edible powders and a very stylish flour shaker from Mason Cash.

As for the recipes themselves, here are just a few to whet your appetite. How does white chocolate and passion fruit tart sound? Or cookies and cream cake? Or, you could follow the step-by-step guide for making genoise sponge. Then, once you have mastered that, you could take it up a notch and make a mojito genoise. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Even if you don’t get around to making absolutely everything in this magazine and let’s face it – with 101 recipes to try, you’d be hard pressed – even looking at the gorgeous photographs inside may just inspire you to give it a go!


Get your own baking inspiration, and more, with a monthly subscription to Food Heaven magazine.


Images via Karen Morgan and Yuichi Sakuraba.