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Cherry from Cherry Pie reveals the best beauty magazines, and explains why she still reads the hard copies, despite the wealth of beauty blogs online.


In this day and age we have a whole lot of beauty at our fingertips. You can't move for beauty blogs, but back in the day it was magazines we used to turn to for the latest releases and reviews.

I still really enjoy flicking through the beauty pages of a magazine, but these days I get something a bit different from them. Today there's a lot of focus on product styling and I really enjoy seeing the different ways magazines photograph beauty products, as it gives me inspiration for my own blog.

I also find them a good place to go to see different beauty trends and makeup looks instead of review after review. I get lots of ideas for my own looks and see things that I want to try out myself. You can also find out lots about who's wearing what make-up on the catwalk and how you can get your hands on a decent, purse-friendly version.

Some of my favourite magazines for beauty are Elle, Cosmopolitan and Grazia. All of them are aimed at girls my age (twenties) and they’re all great for including a mix of high street and higher end products.


Elle used to feature a lot more high-end beauty but these days it has thrown in lots of high street products. My favourite page is the Elle Beauty Page, where each month a different celeb talks about her favourite products and everything spoken about is laid out on the page as if on their own shelves.

It's great to read about a celeb's fave products and why she likes them too. I can then go out to my local Boots and Superdrug and pick them up.

Cosmopolitan tends to feature lots of beauty that's 'hot right now', which as a beauty blogger, I really love. I can find out what high street and high-end products are popular and give them a try myself if I fancy. There's also some fab advice pieces from self-confessed beauty obsessives and more celeb faves too.

Grazia's beauty charts are right up my street, counting down five different products each week. There's also lots of different beauty looks featured in the pages of the mag, giving me and other readers lots of inspiration for our own make-up. I can take the mag upstairs, sit in front of my mirror and give it a go myself.


Since the rise of blogs and the internet, magazines have upped their game in the only way they can, in the layout stakes! These days they're full of colours and articles and products are presented in lots of different and quirky ways. As a magazine journalism graduate and someone who has studied and created my own magazines, I understand the hard work it takes — even coming up with different layouts is a tricky job but these mags do it with a great little quirky twist.

I'd hate to see the disappearance of magazines altogether. It's always enjoyable to have something real in your hand that you can get a beauty fix from away from the online world and as they up their games in the layout stakes, they'll definitely keep their readers as we always want something pretty and colourful to look at.

I'd definitely recommend picking up a subscription to any of these mags for your beauty fill.

Take Cherry’s advice and subscribe to Elle, Cosmopolitan or Grazia.