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Fashion & beauty blogger Gwen from This Fashion Is Mine grabs some eyeliner advice from the June edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine.


It’s safe to say I’m a bit of an eyeliner addict. I've owned many a pencil, gel, and liquid liner throughout my teens and now I’m in my 20s I know what works for me and have a select few I always re-buy.

Achieving the perfect cat-eye flick is no easy feat — it takes practice and perseverance! I went many months last year only using pencil liner in my waterline, so getting to grips with a liquid liner again was tricky, but not impossible.

On page 153 in Cosmo’s June issue you’ll find a feature all about eyeliners with staying power. Cosmo’s beauty team tried and tested 50 liquid and gel liners to see which 7 came out on top. Inspired, I decided to round up my favourite eyeliners and share them with you!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner
£2.49 from Superdrug

The NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black Noir is the cheapest of the bunch. I picked this up on a whim from Superdrug when I was in desperate need of a liquid liner. For the price, it’s actually a fantastic liner, super black and very smooth.

The product inside doesn’t dry up after a few months, which can happen with a lot of liquid liners. The only downside is the brush. It’s thin, flat and too flexible, which makes drawing the perfect flick quite tricky. This is one to try out if you’re already comfortable with using liquid liners and just need to pick up a cheapie.

Ted Baker Eyeliner Pen
Boots gift set goodie

This liner came in a Christmas gift set and I’m not sure if it’s available to purchase separately. The felt-tip style brush makes application very simple — again, it’s highly pigmented, not a wishy-washy dark grey but an intense black. If you can draw well with a sharpie this one could be a winner for you. It also lasts all day (but can be a pain to remove).


Lollipops Paris Eye Pencil
€7.92 or £12.50 from

Ok, so this isn’t a liquid liner! But I had to include it, as it’s possibly the best pencil liner I’ve ever used. It’s so soft and creamy that you have to be a bit careful applying it, unlike other harsh and scratchy pencil liners, it glides on like a dream. I put this in my waterline, smudge it into the lashes and it lasts nearly all day. Because it’s so smooth it has the appearance of a gel liner — much easier to use than a liquid, but with a very similar look.

L’Oréal Super Liner (Waterproof)
£6.50 from ASOS

I’ve saved the best until last. The L’Oréal Super Liner in Black Lacquer is my all-time favourite. I’ve used and rebought this one for years. The short, thick, sharpie-like applicator makes it really easy to use — it glides on and stays put all day.

It’s a bit tricky to remove, but with some good quality eye-makeup remover it eventually comes off! But that’s the price you pay for a waterproof liner! As with all liquid liners, practice makes perfect and now I’m used to and in love with this one it’s hard for me to try anything else. Find what works for you and then stick with it so you can perfect the flick!

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