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Parenting blogger Emma Kershaw from Handbags to Changebags reviews kids magazine, the contagiously peculiar Adventure Time. adventure time review

My son Riley is almost five years old and although he can't read properly yet he loves it when I buy him magazines. At the moment his favourite magazine is the Adventure Time Magazine based on the popular TV show on Cartoon Network.

Adventure Time follows the adventures of Finn the human and his best friend and adopted brother Jake the dog (yes I know it sounds bizarre — that’s kind of the point). Together they battle the bad guys and keep the Land of Ooo safe. Other weird and wonderful characters include (my favourite character) Lumpy Space Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Marceline the vampire and many more. adventure time review

I love how there is a section for the readers to send in their drawings of Adventure Time characters as it encourages children to get creative and use their imagination. There is even a competition where they can create a new character and get it featured in the magazine.

adventure time magazine characters

Riley will sit for ages flicking through the magazine, looking at the pictures and making up stories from the comic strip section.

He literally jumps for joy when each new issue arrives — it's even helping improve his reading skills as I try and encourage him to read some sections himself. As it's a subject he loves it makes learning a bit more fun.

subscription for kids adventure time

Every issue is themed and May’s theme is Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) so it features things like ‘ten LSP facts’ and a LSP poster.

As well as the create a character competition there are also other competitions to enter where you can win some fab Adventure Time goodies like t-shirts and costumes. There’s also free gifts with every issue. This month we got a themed stationery set.

adventure time stationery set

Having this magazine subscription is great for Riley as it gives him something to look forward to each month, helps improve his reading and drawing skills and can also be used as an incentive for good behaviour. If he's not well behaved then he doesn't get his magazine.

You can get your very own Adventure Time magazine subscription right here on