Elle Magazine Review

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Lifestyle blogger Gabrielle from A Glass of Ice shares autumn 2015 fashion trends from Elle magazine.

Elle Magazine Review

To my delight, this month’s copy of Elle landed on my doorstep with Kristen Stewart on the front cover, complete with tousled hair, moody stare and jewel-coloured blouse (the latter by Gucci and the rest Kristen’s own).

A headline reads ‘The Blouse is Back’ and I immediately remember why I love Elle so much. Of all the magazines I’ve read since abandoning those that saw me through adolescence, Elle never fails to come at the top for being the most inspirational and yet relatable. So, ignoring entirely the natural order of reading from beginning to end, I flicked straight through to Emma Sells’ feature on blouses to read about why they’re back and how best to nail the trend.

Whether in silk, polyester or cotton-mix, in the eyes of Elle the blouse is the ‘hero piece’ of A/W 2015. Of all the trends, I find myself heaving a sigh of relief over this one, thanks to my already-generously-packed wardrobe full of the things! I wear them, I blog about them and I even do my best to encourage those around me to wear them. Perhaps now it won’t be a case of hard selling blouses and instead simply waggling this issue of Elle under people’s noses!

The feature (page 129) reminds readers there’s a difference between a blouse and a shirt. A blouse is ultra feminine, cut from light fabrics and is usually adorned with ruffles and lace. I’ll admit, my ‘blouse’ collection shrunk by about 40% once I’d distinguished the difference between blouses and shirts, however it has still left a healthy array of options including a recently-purchased Roberto Cavalli silk shirt.

The embroidered cuffs on the blouse are so ridiculously flamboyant I often worry about sticking them in my dinner by accident… but after reading this Elle feature I feel a lot braver about wearing it. The double-paged spread featuring equally elaborate blouses has put my mind at ease and caused my fingers to itch with excitement at the prospect of adding more blouses to my wardrobe in time for the upcoming weather change!

Once again, Elle has proved to be inspirational without being entirely out-of-reach. I may not be too great at the ‘moody stare’ and my hair rarely achieves the tousled look, but I’ve certainly justified my blouse-buying habit.

I’m hugely looking forward to next month’s copy now. I just hope it features heeled ankle boots to help me justify last weekend’s purchases!

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