These are some of the world's most famous pets

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These famous pets have more followers than you'll ever get.


There are two kinds of people in this world, those that have pets and those that don’t.

Non pet owners just don’t get it. After all, pets are a huge commitment and can be really expensive – the average cost of owning a cat is £1,028 a year!

But there’s a good reason why people are prepared to spend this money on their pets. Studies show that they improve our lives in multiple ways, from combatting loneliness to actively treating diseases. For example, did you know that cats purr at a frequency that’s been shown to fight inflammation and lower blood pressure?

We’re definitely pet people here at so we’ve put together a list of our top five cuddly (sometimes spikey) critters from the world's most famous pets.

Milla the cat

Milla the Cat

Milla, named after the equally arresting Milla Jocovich, is a three-year-old Lilac Scottish Fold who’s attracted an impressive 277k followers on Instagram.

Sadly, Milla was diagnosed with a kind of terminal heart disease that’s causing her heart to thicken. She’ll need medical treatment for the rest of her short life.

Her owners have set up a donation page if you want to help her out, where they post regular updates on Milla’s health.


Bodhi the Menswear Dog

Bodhi Menswear Dog

Bodhi is a six-year-old pedigree Shiba Inu from New York – and the most fashionable dog in the world.

He probably also earns more than you. His owners, Yena Kim and David Fung pull in up to $15,000 a month from modeling gigs, according to Fast Company.

Bodhi’s instagram has 223k followers and features hundred of posts of the pretty pooch posing in some of the world’s most famous menswear brands.


Biddy the hedgehog

Biddy the Hedgehog

Biddy, an African pygmy hedgehog, rose to fame when his owners from Oregon, US, took him on their travels across the northwest of America.

From the state capital of Portland, to the famous Yellowstone National Park, Biddy came and saw and got a cute picture taken… racking up over 600k Instagram followers.

Sadly, Biddy passed away on the 1st of March 2015. His owners Toni and Tom said thanks to all his followers and have now left the account as a memorial.


Jamon the pig

Jamon the Pig

Jamon is a micropig in a big city. Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, he’s managed to rack up over 350k followers over Facebook and Instagram.

Originally a Valentine’s Day present, owner Andrea Mendez did what every self-respecting Brazilian micropig owner does and started Jambon an Instagram account.

Jamon has also appeared in a TV ad for a car company and in a music video for singer Fernanda Takai. In October, a cartoon Jambon will become a registered trademark.


Mr Bagel the chinchilla

Mr Bagel the Chinchilla

Mr Bagel is an excruciatingly cute chinchilla belonging to Steve Byun from the bay area,California.

Steve uses his oddball creative mind to compose pictures of Mr Bagel in amusingly, non-chinchilla-y positions. It sure has paid off – their Instagram account now has almost 100k followers.

But Mr Bagel is not all fun and games. Steve uses his pet’s fame to campaign for serious animal rights issues like the no fur campaign.