Why Empire magazine is the perfect read for film fans

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Empire magazine is the world’s biggest movie magazine. magazine.co.uk blogger network member Donna from What the Redhead Said explains why it’s so popular in her household.

empire magazine film movie review

Empire magazine is an entertainment treasure trove of film, television shows, video games and books. It is mainly devoted to new and upcoming cinema releases with exclusive on-set interviews, photographs and interviews with the cast, crews and directors of the biggest blockbuster movies around. It also highlights some hidden gems that mainstream cinema might not have picked up, but the people in the know think YOU should know about too.

jared leto empire  magazine cover

The December 2015 issue cover features an exclusive image of Jared Leto as 'The Joker' from the hotly anticipated 2016 summer blockbuster 'Suicide Squad'. It featured an in depth preview for the movie with exclusive interviews with the principle cast. It is written as such that it gives a great preview to the movie without any spoilers.

Empire magazine also has regular features such as 'How much is a pint of milk? This is where stars and directors are bought down to earth and asked some everyday questions. This is a great feature and you can get to know the people we idolise on our big screens a little bit better.

Empire is not just all about the silver screen. There is a whole section devoted to home entertainment. By this, I mean regular broadcast television, popular streaming services and BluRay & DVD releases. If you can watch it on your TV, you can find it here. You can also find a few pages devoted to video gaming, film soundtracks and even good old fashioned books!

inspide empire magazine feature

There are also some great movie themed quizzes in the magazine. I had particular fun with the Hobbit movie quiz. Ten questions that really made me think how well I knew three of the greatest movies of modern times. There is even a traditional crossword competition to enter!

In all, Empire is a fun and informative read for anyone who is into movies and entertainment and wants the inside scoop on the best of what the industry had to offer. There is a good variety of well written articles and exclusive images from the movies you're looking forward to.

If you, or someone you know loves movies and reading not only about upcoming movies, but interviews with top stars, then a subscription to Empire magazine is perfect. Subscribe today with magazine.co.uk to save on the cover price!