Ethical Fashion Finds with Veggie Magazine

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Lifestyle blogger Jordan from My General Life shares her top ethical fashion discovered in Veggie magazine...

April issue of Veggie magazine

Since recently making the switch to a vegan diet, I've found I've become much more conscious of the impact that my actions have on the planet. To me, being vegan is about being compassionate towards all beings, not just animals, and also being compassionate to our beautiful planet. It's like my awareness of the world and my impact on it has been expanded and I've developed this new consciousness that I never had before.

Anyway, the whole point of this explanation is that along with working towards having a cruelty free lifestyle with regards to animals, I'm also conscious of the impact of other choices, such as the clothing I purchase and the people that are involved in this. I don't feel particularly happy with the idea that someone could have slaved for hours in really unfavourable conditions with awful pay for the sake of a cheap t-shirt. Ethical fashion is something I've become more aware of and something I think will be working its way into my wardrobe in the future. So today, inspired by Veggie magazine's recent article on ethical fashion, I thought I'd share with you some of the delights that I have found.

Aida stripe dress in blue from People Tree

Aida Stripe Dress – People Tree

My style is typically pretty darn casual so I can imagine this gorgeous, striped organic cotton dress being perfect for a nice, warm summer day (if we ever get one). I'd team it with some trainers and a denim jacket.

Black Vegan Dr Martens

Vegan Boots – Dr Martens

Or I'd team the above dress with these babies. I've never really been interested in Dr Martens, but after discovering that they make this entirely vegan style I fell a little bit in love. They're pretty hard to find in my size but I'm guessing that means they're a very popular purchase.

Matt and Natt Peltola backpack

Peltola Backpack – Matt and Nat

How gorgeous is the colouring on this Matt and Nat vegan backpack?! Matt and Nat do an amazing range of very sophisticated vegan handbags. However, I just don't think you can beat a backpack on practicality and who wouldn't want one that looks this good?

Braintree papillon slacks in dark charcoal

Braintree Papillon Slacks  Frank and Faith

Getting on to the comfies, these slacks look dreamy. I love the basic grey colour and the style means they're great for activities such as yoga, or my favourite aerial hoop along with running errands or just for when you want to be comfortable.

Stripe cat tee in blue from People Tree

 Stripe Cat Tee – People Tree

I'd totally pair this cat motif tee with the Braintree Papillon slacks. Again made from organic cotton, it looks like the fit would be nice and casual – great for pairing with your comfies or a nice pair of skinny jeans.

A pair of red Low Sneakers from Wills London

Low Sneakers – Wills London

Last but not least, it wouldn't be my top fashion finds without a pair of trainers. I pretty much live in trainers and I love the style of these low sneakers from Wills London. Wills make an entirely vegan shoe range and they have a full range of styles from boots to sandals.

So there we have it, some of my current fashion picks from the world of ethical clothing. I'm far from a fashionista but I do hope that you enjoy my casual picks. I personally think that they would suit lots of you ladies out there (sorry men!).

I'd love to know which one is your favourite item. Tell me in the comments below or share your favourite ethical fashion brands!