Good Food Magazine review by Lived With Love

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Parenting and lifestyle blogger, Kerry Dyer from Lived With Love, gets her teeth stuck in to the recent editions of BBC’s Good Food Magazine.

good food magazine subscription review

It's clear that I love food. I love to eat it but I'm not so keen on cooking it — I only really do it because I have to feed my fiancé and two-year-old daughter. To keep my interest in cooking, I like to find new recipes and give them a try. Anything from snacks to dinners to desserts.

I recently got a subscription to Good Food from and I have been loving this magazine! All the recipes and pictures look amazing and I love how they include gluten free recipes too.

I also think the little tips they have on most recipes are so handy. There’s a lot of variety, from tips on how to carry out a particular cooking process, to how to save time by prepping a few hours or even a day ahead. It means that even busy people can have a go at some more complicated recipes. good food subscription review

As well as tasty recipes, there's also lots of information teaching you about different ingredients and also how to lighten up recipes which I think is fab as education about nutrition is important. It's definitely inspired me to get a bit more creative in the kitchen instead of having the same boring family meals over and over again!

I think my favourite feature of the magazine is the 'Make it tonight' pages. It offers 6 different dinner recipes and all of them are simple, use easy-to-find ingredients and take no more than 20 minutes prep. It gives a good variety to choose from and as well as the ingredients and directions, it also lists the nutritional information for each one and roughly how much it costs per serving. It's like a ready-made meal planner for busy mums which is brilliant!

bbc good food magazine review