GQ Magazine review with Sam Squire

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Men’s fashion blogger and self-proclaimed modest style god, Sam Squire, reviews May’s edition of GQ magazine.

gq magazine review sam squire

Once a month there is a very exciting delivery at Chateau Squire, I am pretty sure I know the exact thud that GQ makes on the doormat (it’s sort of a plasticy thud if you were wondering). As something of a style god - a modest one, of course - I love having a good flick through the style editorials, advertorials and even sometimes tutorials that laden the pages of possibly the world’s best men’s mag (FYI Esquire, you still hold a dear place in my heart. forever.)

GQ is actually the magazine that got me in to style all those years ago! The June edition dropped through the letterbox the other day with my style hero David Beckham as the cover star. Here’s just a little about some of my favourite parts of this month’s edition.

Lord Beckham (like how is this not the case…) tops GQ’s ‘The Brit Pack’ - the stylish 40-year-old is the new ambassador for British film making - he’s just such a cool guy, so well dressed and definitely tops my list of best British gents!

fashion forward gq review

This edition comes with GQ’s Fashion Forward supplement in association with Next. I love having a flick through these, whilst they are advertorials I personally like the way they lay them out in a really cool style guide way. I know these supplements annoy some people but if you’re a true style enthusiast, I am sure you’ll enjoy a flick through it!  

In the back of every edition is a buying guide type thing (I am sure it has a name but I don't know) - It’s great for giving you gift ideas if you ladies are looking for something a little different for your man, or if you’re a dude that just doesn't know what to buy himself, this section provides ideas for a range of budgets.

gq review sam squire

Also in the back is a section called ‘What’s Your Tipple’. Recently I have become something of a cocktail making connoisseur and this section is right up my street. With different alcohols for all different types of drinkers, I think it’s super cool that they don’t just go for the obvious, they take time in finding something a little different which I certainly appreciate!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little roundup of the June edition of GQ. If you haven’t already, I’d definitely recommend picking it up and having a flick through.

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