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Food blogger Stuart from Cakeyboi shares some delicious magazine recipes that inspired him from the June edition of the magazine.


If you are a true foodie, then you will have at least heard of delicious. magazine, if not already flicked through its pages. It is the UK’s food magazine of the year and with good reason.

As much as I have bookshelves FULL of cookbooks, I have always loved magazines and in particular ones bursting with recipes.

Looking through delicious. magazines’ pages gives you so much inspiration. It’s bursting with recipes, ideas and tips for meals. I love to look at the gorgeous photographs too – as a food blogger they give me so many ideas on how to shoot different styles for my website.


Delicious magazine recipes to die for

The June issue made me feel very summery. As the magazine hones itself to the seasons, the pages included seasonal ingredients (such as beetroot and berries), barbeque recipes, summer drinks and so much more.

I loved the section on snacks. We all snack — even if we don’t admit to it — and delicious. brings us a few easy to whip up snack recipes. They have certain rules for a recipe to qualify as a snack. It must be made in 15 minutes or less, have no need for cutlery and no ovens required.

I loved the sound of their ‘salted brown-butter and maple popcorn’. This is ridiculously easy and very on-trend. Salt and sweet is a big deal at the moment and delicious. do an excellent job keeping up with all the latest food fashions of the moment.


Another recipe I loved the look of, and will be making this summer, panders to my very sweet tooth. It’s a cheat’s banana and peanut butter cheesecake ice cream. All you need are frozen bananas, PB, syrup and digestives. No freezing required apart from the pre-frozen bananas!

delicious. magazine always brings me plenty of ideas and inspiration. I look forward to my next copy already!

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Image via Stefan Klopp