Traditional interiors with added personality

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Fashion blogger Helen from Helen’s Wardrobe shares her interior design tips and shows off her rock ‘n’ roll residence.


I live in a period property which is part Victorian townhouse, part coach house. My partner and I are about halfway through renovating and redecorating the house and have well and truly stamped our personalities throughout the interior. I'm a fashion blogger and co-own Skull & Pistons Garage with my partner Stephen, where we customise and renovate classic British cars. So our home is a true reflection of our passions — this may sound like a recipe for visual chaos but everything has its place.

There are a lot of traditional elements to the house and it retains most of its original features, so much of the decor is traditional fused with modern classic pieces. We have a lot of artwork, antlers, skulls, books and music which all sit together in perfect rock 'n' roll harmony. We've tied areas together with pops of colour which lift each space, complimenting the old and the new.

lounge Our lounge is cosy and traditional with a working fireplace. One wall is covered with a floor to ceiling bookcase which we're slowly filling with cult classics.
lounge The main bedroom is quite dark but this is lifted through a giant framed union jack, white bedding, an off white rug and artwork.
spareroom One of our spare rooms is very light with huge sash windows, grey and white decor and pops of colour throughout.
kitchen The kitchen is a lovely size with lots of windows, it's not quite finished but we've kept it simple and tied it together with splashes of red.

We have plenty of our own collective ideas but it's always great to get inspiration, and Living etc is one of our go-to sources, with tons of ideas and advice which inspires without breaking the bank.

From my own experience, as well as reading and researching, I believe it's really important to build your interior over time, treating your home like a constant work in progress. If everything is piled on all at once rooms end up looking a little staged and soulless. I see a lot of that, it seems to be a mistake lots of people make, especially in new builds because they are such a blank canvas.

Bearing that in mind, I think my main advice would be to take your time and enjoy building your environment. Read magazines (you’re in a good place to start!), look at books, visit places. Make your home a reflection of you and your life.