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As London descends into fashion week madness for LFW, we're scouting the trends you need to know about for AW16! Here's how Kerry from Missy Vintage found new season style inspiration with a Porter magazine review, featuring the Fall edition...

Sometimes it’s hard to justify treating ourselves to a big glossy mag. Porter for example has a cover price of £5 in the shops. It is a big read which is packed with content BUT at £5 per issue it can feel like treat/luxury too and as you stand at the checkout to pay, sometimes the guilt can set in…porter magazine fall 2016So if you can treat yourself in a more purse friendly by way of a magazine subscription then it’s a win-win situation, yes? No more guilt when out shopping and putting it in the trolley whilst thinking "Should I put it back? Should I buy it another day?" No more grabbing a pile of mags in the shop at the train station and finding that you’ve just already spent £20 on some reading material a sandwich and a coffee and you haven’t even got on the train yet…

Or better still why not ask for one as a gift when someone asks the dreaded question "What would you like for your birthday?" My answer to that will be "Porter magazine please!"

It's probably a bit weird to feel a bit smitten with a magazine, but I do. The interviews are well written and interesting. They’re often quite in-depth, thought-provoking and several pages long so tend to be something you actually need to sit down and read if you want to get the most out of the article and not just casually glance over. I like that.

The fashion is obviously a big pull for me of course. The Fall issue has landed and already my head is swimming with inspiration. I’ve taken a lot of time off this summer as I prepare to go in to my final year of university. I've been doing lots of research for the dissertation which is looming. Part of that involves spending hours, days and weeks looking through magazines, thinking about theories and seeking inspiration for my own imagery. (I know this doesn’t sound like ‘work’ but I promise it is!)

This means I've been ploughing through A LOT of magazine material and whilst Vogue is still a front runner for me, Porter is easily up there with it. The Fall issue has also got me thinking how I can style clothes and do some DIY fashion in my photo shoots.  How can I make the most of using what I have to create interesting outfits?Untitled_1The Fall edition of Porter has some amazing fashion editorials, which as well as making me think about my own photo shoots are also giving me a kick to get creative and stretch my summer clothes through to the cooler months.

How?  By keeping those summer dresses out for longer and layering them with warmer clothing along with other ideas such as changing laces and adding ribbons to shoes and boots, mixing and matching textures. What a great nineties feel these floaty dresses have when teamed with jumpers!porter_magazine_lace_fashionI’m also in LOVE with this outfit and how it combines brightly coloured lace with a pleated maxi skirt and the chiffon blouse. So I'll also be on the lookout for some chiffon and lace tops whilst I'm browsing the charity shops. I'm trying REALLY hard not to spend much/over buy at the moment, but I think if I can stay focused on what I'm looking for and not get too distracted I might be okay...fingers crossed I will get lucky in my hunting and find something I can re-work this look with. Wish me luck!

If you're a style maven, fashion crazy or blog the trends, a subscription to Porter magazine is the perfect pick!

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