3 Cool Creatures to Craft Using Conkers

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Love getting crafty with the kids? Child friendly DIYs can be hard to come by, but with a pinch of inspiration and a little help from Pinterest, you can make cool crafts for kids out of just about anything! We're focusing on Autumn craft using conkers - perfect for rainy weekends, or to stave off half term boredom! icreative conker snails

Conker hunting is a great early Autumn activity, but it's hard to know what to do with them once you've harvested them. Here are 3 cute critters to make out of conkers we found on Pinterest - follow our Craft and Kids boards for more!

Conker Snails

This clever DIY isn't in English, but we've done a bit of translation to help you with this super simple DIY! You'll need:

  • modelling clay
  • super glue (ask mum or dad for help with this bit)
  • a conker
  • a few twigs

Simply roll some modelling clay into a long slug shape, which will be your snail's body. Add a couple of twig 'feelers' to your snail's head (use the other  twigs to make a smile, or to make small holes for eyes). Finally, mums/dads or teachers can help add super glue to the body, and kids can stick the conker on its back for a shell. Sweet!artsyants conker worm

Conker Worms

This cute conker worm is perfect for toddlers and young kids alike. You'll need:

  • conkers (lots)
  • knitting yarn or string
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • a nail or drill to make holes in the conkers (ask mum or dad with this bit)

Mums, dads or teachers will need to make holes through the conkers before little hands get started on this DIY - but after that it's super easy. Just tie a knot in the end of some knitting yarn and thread as many conkers on as you like. Give your conker worm the biggest conker for a head, stick on some googly eyes and tie the other end of the yarn - simple!

redtedart conker spiders

Conker Spiders

These conker spiders are a fun Autumn DIY (and you can use them again for Halloween)! You'll need:

  • conkers (one for each spider)
  • a nail to make holes in the conkers
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • glue

Before adding the pipe cleaner legs, mums/dads or teachers will need to make four small holes either side of the conker to glue the pipe cleaner legs in place and make them sturdy enough for play. Once you've made the holes, glue your pipe cleaner legs in and add your googly eyes. Don't forget to leave a few around the house to scare unsuspecting mums and dads!

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