Spice Kits from Hari Ghotra

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Indian chef and cooking instructor Hari Ghotra tells us about her tantalising spice kit range.


For years it's been my absolute passion to teach people how to cook.

I want as many people to enjoy authentic Indian food at home as possible, but I know that what puts many off cooking Indian cuisine from scratch is the ingredients. Some dishes can include many different spices — this is what gives Indian food its rich flavours. It's a hassle to get all these together, especially if you just need a teaspoon or two for a one-off special dish.

As a full-time working woman with a family I know how tempting it can be to reach for a ready-made jar or order a takeaway at the end of a long day. But let's all be honest, these ready made alternatives are never quite as good as the real thing.

That's exactly why I decided to launch my own range of spice kits. There are twelve recipes including classics like Korma, Tikka Masala and Biryani, as well as lesser known creations like Xacuti and Makhani. The kits give you everything you need to make your own authentic Indian dish — just add meat and/or vegetables and a few other easy to find fresh herbs.

All the kits come with a recipe and video to help you put the dish together. Here's the full list of kits:

- Bhuna
- Biryani
- Dhal
- Goan
- Korma
- Madras
- Makhani
- Pakora
- Rogan Josh
- Tandoori
- Tikka Masala
- Xacuti

Head to my shop and get your own Hari Ghotra spice kit today. I've also got a spice tin and individual spices to help you create the real flavours of India in your own kitchen.

Happy spicing!