Meal planning and recipe inspiration with Delicious magazine

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Blogger Julieta Lucca of Juliet Oscar Yankee tells us how she found food inspiration with delicious. magazine...


Cooking is one of my very favourite things to do. Over the years I have developed an extensive collection of cookbooks, but nothing comes close to having inspiration delivered to your door every month. I’d previously heard of delicious. magazine and used to check out their website periodically for some out-of-the-box meal ideas.

What I love the most about delicious. is the diversity of content they put together each month, and one of my favourite sections is at the very back: how to reuse and reinvent dishes with leftovers from the very same recipes you find in the magazine.

If you find yourself struggling to actually cook anything from the magazine (rather than just looking at the pretty pictures - the food photography is outstanding and will have you salivating in no time!) here’s a tip: mark the dishes you want to try and include them in your weekly meal plan. That way, you know what you’ll be cooking in the week ahead as well as what ingredients you’ll need to buy beforehand from the shop.

This month’s issue includes some amazing dishes, from deep-pan American pizza for a relaxed Friday night in, to a whole spiced pork shoulder with leeks and pickled apple - the perfect Sunday roast with family or friends. My favourite feature this month was their article about coconut oil and whether it’s as good as everyone claims or just another food trend. I can honestly say this totally opened my eyes to the whole topic.

IMG_5170If you are vegetarian and wonder whether all the dishes and recipes featured are meat-based, worry not. I found incredible veggie recipes that I can’t wait to try (I’m vegetarian myself!). I do like to keep in mind the rest of the recipes containing chicken and other kinds of meat for when I’m entertaining at home.

For those looking to improve their cooking skills, there’s plenty of tricks and techniques to learn how to properly chop shallots, slice cakes evenly and blind bake, among others. In this month’s issue, they teach you how to perfectly master soft and pillowy crumpets so you can make the dreamiest breakfast at home time and time again.

If you fancy making more homemade meals, this is the place to start. They also host some great competitions, like their monthly “Cook the Cover”. where you can cook the same dish photographed in the cover of the magazine and send it to them for the chance to win some pretty fancy prizes!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a foodie friend, you can’t go wrong with a subscription to delicious. You can always ask them to invite you over for dinner to test those recipes out too…