10 of the Best Glamour Magazine Covers

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The 10 best ever Glamour magazine covers | magazine.co.uk
We're feeling sad at magazine.co.uk HQ, as one of our favourite women's glossies - Glamour magazine - has announced a digital-only future, with two bi-annual issues published for the foreseeable future. We're going to miss our fix of straight talking features, stunning editorial and team favourite - 'Hey, it's OK...' arriving every month. In celebration of a fab mag, we've compiled their best ever covers. Glamour forever!

1. The first Glamour magazine cover
Glamour magazine April 2001 Kate Winslet

When: April 2001

Starring: Kate Winslet

Why we love it: She's the original English rose and a Glamour magazine cover girl (a 4 time heavyweight champ, no less). Fronting the very first issue, Kate embodies the Glamour woman - fearless, feminist and fabulous.

2. Saints and sisters
Glamour magazine September 2002 Natalie and Nicole Appleton

When: September 2002

Starring: Natalie and Nicole Appleton, sisters and half of 90s all star pop group All Saints

Why we love it: Sisterhood is a Glamour theme, right? Summing up the sultry mood of the late 90s and early 00's, the All Saints sisters wouldn't look out of place on a 2017 cover. Nice job, ladies.

3. Charlie's Angels
Glamour magazine July 2003 Charlies Angels

When: July 2003

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore, aka Charlie's Angels

Why we love it: Flying the flag for independent women, Cameron, Lucy and Drew star as the new Charlies Angels in 2003, signalling the death of the early noughties size 0 Hollywood starlet and the birth of a revolution of kick ass women. We salute you!

4. The one and only Queen B
Glamour magazine December 2003 Beyonce

When: December 2003

Starring: Beyoncé of course, who else?

Why we love it: We couldn't miss this gem from the Queen of R'n'B. Just after releasing the ultimate anthem Crazy in Love, Beyoncé was the second black woman to grace the cover of Glamour magazine in 2003 (after Halle Berry in 2002) and looks every inch the star. A Glamour favourite!


5. Ginger Spice
Glamour magazine October 2004 Geri Halliwell

When: October 2004

Starring: Geri Halliwell, the fieriest member of the Spice Girls

Why we love it: Ginger Spice has never been known as a shy and retiring character. The infamous Geri Halliwell bares all in 2004 fresh from her stint as a judge on Popstars: The Rivals (now we're taking you back!) and the storming success of hen do tune 'It's Raining Men'.  A classic.

6. Glowing with Klass
Glamour magazine August 2007 Myleene Klass

When: August 2007

Starring: The ever stylish (and total smart cookie), Ms. Myleene Klass

Why we love it: A nod to that incredible Demi Moore Vanity Fair cover, we had to include this showstopper. Myleene is the picture of glowing happiness fronting Glamour magazine in 2007 (and still looks sensational 10 years on)!

7. No more Hunger Games
Glamour magazine April 2012 Jennifer Lawrence

When: April 2012

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence (who talks, swears and eats like a real person!)

Why we love it: J-Law's UK debut on the cover of Glamour magazine set tongues wagging for all the right reasons. Looking healthily - and naturally - curvy, Glamour delivered the ultimate mic drop with this unretouched photo of Hollywood royalty. We love.


8.  Rih-ly fearless
Glamour magazine January 2014 Rihanna

When: January 2014

Starring: The original bad gal Riri

Why we love it: Back in 2014, Rihanna was fresh off the stage from her Diamonds world tour - the start of a meteoric rise to ultimate pop stardom. Now with 8 albums under her belt and a sell-out beauty line, the future still looks sparkly for Miss Fenty!

 9. The blogging boss
Glamour magazine December 2015 Tanya Burr

When: December 2015

Starring: Vlogging sensation/superstar blogger Tanya Burr

Why we love it: A very special cover. Why? Because Tanya Burr is one of us - a normal person who also happens to have a huge digital following. The first of a new breed of celebrities to front a glossy, Tanya's world takeover has only just begun.

10. The future is female
Glamour magazine November 2017 Zendaya

When: November 2017

Starring: Badass female Zendaya

Why we love it: The penultimate issue is a special one for many reasons, but heralding an important message: girl power. A 100% female issue is no mean feat and sums up the mood of the moment: community over competition and a future working towards equality. Glamour, we salute you.

 You can still head over to Glamour magazine to check out the latest news, but if you're in search of a new favourite glossy, check out our women's magazine subscriptions for your fashion, beauty and lifestyle fix!