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EGX is one of the most anticipated games events in the UK. Here are our top tips for how to get the most out of the weekend.


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With an expected 80,000 people to show up over four days, EGX this year will be bigger and better than ever. There’s a hell of a lot to see, with all the major publishers signed up, the indie developers out in force, celebrities from within the industry, and even Oculus Rift attending (who can resist some VR?).

With so much going on, we’ve put together our top tips for EGX 2015 to help you get the most of the event. Take a look.

The Yogcast

From their humble beginnings, this network of YouTube broadcasters have turned their skills into an impressively profitable venture. With two Golden Joystick awards under their belt, EGX will give you a chance to meet team members Lewis, Trott, Smiffy, Ross, Sijn, Duncan, Hannah, Kim and Turps.

On the 25th and 26th there will be ‘An Evening with The Yogscast’ which is essentially a closed door Q&A panel where fans will be able to get to know the team a bit better. Aside from this, during EGX there will be a general meet and greet where you can buy some merch and get it signed too.

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For those interested in finding work in the gaming industry, it’d be worth stopping over at UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) Career Bar. Over the entire event they’ll be giving talks and having drop-in sessions with experts from the industry. They’ll also have their own VGAs – Video Game Ambassadors – around to offer advice on all aspects of gaming.

A few highlights will be Sega’s James Schall, Rare’s Louise O’Connor, and Pinewood Studio’s Glen Gathard. You can check out the full schedule here.

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Indie Megabooth

Indie games have been on the rise for some time. The video games industry is no longer just a world for massive developers, as gamers search out something unique and new. For those types, you won’t want to skip the Indie Megabooth which runs throughout EGX.

There will be 27 developers and 28 games showcased in total, so plenty to see. Some of those we’re particularly looking forward to is Ludo Land’s Four Sided Fantasy, Berzerk Studio’s Just Shapes & Beats, and Warballoon’s Star Command Galaxies. For more details, click here.

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YouTube Gaming Stage

With gamers like the aforementioned Yogscast and PewDiePie proving that combining gaming and YouTube is a great way to buy yourself a house, it’s no surprise that video giant YouTube has looked at new ways to build on this. Hence their recent YouTube Gaming app.

To promote this new venture they’ll stage interviews with famous creators and hold Q&As, panels and loads more. Probably best of all is that you’ll be able to challenge some of the players... so it might be worth getting some practice in!

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Virgin Media

Being a supplier of broadband, Virgin is obviously very important for anyone who plays games online – and there’s a lot of them. This might explain why they’re EGX’s headline partner for the event. It’s not just money and branding they’re offering though, they’ve been running the Hexathlon competition that’s been leading up to EGX.

Participants have had to choose between Hearthstone, FIFA 15, and Super Smash Bros and then challenge other players. With each win they gained more points up until 17 September, when the winners were announced. The top seven players will now battle it out at EGX. That’ll be one exciting showdown!


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