Porter magazine – a sophisticated, stylish and intelligent read

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Porter magazine is known to be a sophisticated read, packed with gorgeous photography and stylish clothing. Kerry from Missy Vintage reflects on what she enjoyed from the latest issue and why she chose to subscribe to it.

porter magazine

I’ve flicked through Porter on several occasions. In waiting rooms, at the hair salon etc. However, I’ve never read an entire issue until issue 12 came through my door. I did suspect this might be a new gem on the block and I believe my instincts have been proved correct.

I’ve realised over the many years which I’ve been a magazine reader, that I have a habit or perhaps a ritual if you like, that before reading a single article I flick through the magazine from start to finish, possibly pausing here and there to bookmark in my head pages to refer back to first once I’m reading it ‘for real’.

After a browse I generally put the magazine down to come back to it when I can sit down and relax or go for a soak in the tub. So I was slightly surprised when opening up Porter whilst standing in the hallway, that my habitual quick browse inside accidentally developed in to enough time for the cup of tea I had just made to get cold!

Porter stems from the Net-A-Porter website which makes this magazine an interesting entity as the ecommerce site has led to birth of the magazine rather than vice-versa.  With Net-A-Porter being an astonishing internet phenomenon it’s no surprise that the magazine has also been turning heads since its launch in February 2014.

porter jumpsuit fashion advice

It’s certainly more article heavy than other fashion glossy magazines, with an emphasis on commentary behind the imagery. For example in an article titled The Art of Style, fashion Photographer/illustrator/blogger Garance Dore, chats about jumpsuits. Starting with when she first featured one on her blog, how she dresses them for day and night and tips on how to wear. The way it’s written is very conversational and feels so much more than a style or shopping guide. In fact it IS so much more than those things.

chris colls fashion shoot porter

In a fashion feature shot by Chris Colls we’re shown a beautiful model in the desert and after a few pages in we’re hit with a page titled ‘Role Model’ and here we’re introduced to the model in the feature Liya Kebede, how she was scouted at 15, her background and career achievements which include the lead role in the film Desert Flower (2009) in which tells the story of model activist Waris Dirie’s campaign to end female genital mutilation in Somalia and her plans for the future.

porter model liya kebede

All of a sudden this stunning fashion feature becomes a feature on a woman (not ‘just’ a model) and a whole new deeper narrative is embedded into the imagery. I think that’s interesting and actually very exciting.

If Porter’s aim is to make a fashion magazine which is more multi-dimensional than the average read, I’d suggest they have absolutely achieved this in the most recent issue. I’m already looking forward to the next edition.

Fashion magazines don’t have to be just a retail orientated read, and Porter magazine proves this. Make sure that you don’t miss an issue of this brilliant bi-monthly read by subscribing today!