Pretty, Posh, Oh My Gosh! Fashion roundup

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There is something so satisfying about receiving our favourite magazines in the post every month. It's a little reminder that lands in your palm and says "hey, it's okay, grab a cuppa and enjoy us". Big fashion seasons, festive issues and summer style can determine the content of each issue but March issues (on shelf in February) are up for grabs today.

We have rounded up a couple of standout features from each issue- it's a good'un!

InStyle by Lauren

Not only does Felicity Jones share her first name with my best friend, but she is also effortlessly cool and cute, without having to try hard (or at least looking like she does!). In this interview about love, life and style she talks about her role as Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything and her busy working life. She also takes part in a fabulous filter-shot, 70s style shoot. The boho, floppy hat, easy texture shoot and Felicity's fun look - she is reassuringly down to earth.

The 'Shop The Trend' pages this month are my go-to for shopping inspiration- including Stripe Haven, Mary Poppins and Pit Stop style, I'm sorted for what to wear and where to get it. The great thing about Instyle's fashion pages is the mix up of high street and designer items - ideal for ladies like us!

Finally worth a mention is the Beauty feature on Barbie Girls. Showing you how to get bright, clear skin and a peachy pink look without looking like you have had whitening surgery, I will definitely be giving this look a go!

Harper's Bazaar by Felicity

This issue was totally dedicated to fashion, and pretty hefty in size - although a total pleasure to read with a cup of Earl Grey on a Sunday! Recapping SS15 was a nice refresher before we delve headfirst into the madness of London Fashion Week AW15, and the fashion editorials were truly spectacular in this issue. I loved the Colorado Ranch and fairytale woodland pieces, as well as the spectacular diamonds on desserts (macarons with a heavy side of carats, who'd have thought it?)

Features-wise, I love 'a day in the life of' pieces, so it was great to get a glimpse of Joseph's Creative Director Louise Trotter and her day-to-day inspirations, life and style. Cover star Kate Winslet is always a refreshing read, as she's just so real and comfortable in herself; the real epitome of elegance and femininity. I look forward to the next issue...

Porter by Lauren

The cover girl and centre page star of spring Porter is Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova. If you don't recognise her name, you will certainly recognise her face. It was great to read an interview with an alternative supermodel- I read so much about Cara, Kate and Jordan Dunn that to read an interview with a different model was so refreshing. At 32, with 4 children and a face which is about as recognised as it gets you could be forgiven for thinking that Natalia has it all. However, in this very honest interview she opens up about a tough childhood with a disabled sister and how it has shaped her life today. Such an eye opening interview and one I'll bookmark for the future.


The Prairie Rose photo shoot is a stunner- it reminds me of the old Australian outback scenes in Saving Mr Banks. High necks and muted tones with big belts and full skirts. Dreamy- albeit not really appropriate for the heat of the desert! I'm inspired to take elements into my wardrobe for Spring- a full skirt and tied belt for old-fashioned chic!

Glamour by Felicity

The March issue of Glamour was a welcome breath of fresh air on my doormat after a busy first month at my new job. My favourite regular feature in Glamour is the 'Hey, it's ok...' piece - always guaranteed a giggle and always relevant!

50 Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are on the cover, and whilst I haven't read the books (I know, where have I been!?) the film might be worth a go. Dakota and Jamie seem pretty platonic in the interview but the trailer is pretty charged with chemistry, so could be one to watch!

One of my favourite features this month was actually a beauty piece. Lauren tends to take over on the beauty blogging side of things (I'm just less experimental I suppose!) but I loved the looks for SS15, as modeled by the incredible Rosie Huntington-Whitely - especially English Rose, which was big brows, flushed lips and cheeks and windswept hair. My idea of beauty perfection!

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