The weird world of London Fashion Week

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Image via BusinessBoomBolton

We love all things London Fashion Week. We’re looking forward to the collections, the street style, the who’s who of the front row and those catwalk blunders we’ll be watching over and over on YouTube in the coming weeks. To celebrate, we decided to take a light-hearted look at the weird, wonderful and puzzling events of fashion week. From walking in heels all day to hair that can withstand excess amounts of wind…welcome to LFW 2015.


We can’t help but comment on the weather. So British! February Fashion Week can sometimes face a downpour or even a trickle of snow and we want to know how all who attend end up looking tip to toe immaculate? Just how do they do it? *hunts around for hairspray*


We love the ‘live’ posts that come from fashion bloggers all over the country. From street style snaps that give us wardrobe envy to make up that forces us to spend a month’s salary in Boots. What we want to know is how do they get their roundups online so quickly? At Christopher Kane one minute and publishing a post the next, now that’s dedication.
NB: Look out for a few of our lovely Blogger Network bloggers, who will be heading down to Somerset House this week!


We can’t help but take a peek at the gossip from the front row. Why is the latest celebrity split sat next to each other? How come Harry Styles is arriving with yet another model? And why do celebs watch shows through their sunnies?


Why is it that no one at fashion week is snapped scoffing a sandwich on the go? Surely the need to recharge emerges with all that walking? Oh wait, we forgot. As London’s very own Kate Moss once said ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’. That must be the fashion week mantra then…Ladies trust us, food tastes way better!


This is an all-day event, come rain or shine, and shows plus after-show parties can be dotted all over town. So how does everyone stand up in those 5inch wedges or those 6inch stilettos?


If you don’t know who Pandemonia is then do a Google search now. Pandemonia is one of the most puzzling attendees of London Fashion Week. A 7ft tall, latex covered ‘doll’ with a hidden identity and could easily be labelled as the ‘secret lovechild of Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons’. Who is behind the mask? And why latex?

Fashion Week is like a bubble. A whole new world that only exists for 4 days but leaves us feeling like we need 4 months to recover. What are your top tips for surviving London Fashion Week and what wonders of the event do you have? Let us know via Twitter!