Shaun the Sheep's guide to magazines

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Prepare yourselves. Today is the release of the eagerly awaited movie of the year…Shaun the Sheep the Movie! Remember this fellow from Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit series? Well Shaun is just as mischievous in his movie. Having spent most of his time working on Mossy Bottom Farm with his flock, Shaun the Sheep recently concocted a cunning plan to have a day off with his pals. However, the plan soon spiralled out of control.

It was all very dramatic, but rumour has it Shaun has decided he might just turn to chilling out with a magazine on his next day off. We recommend the following titles just for ewe Shaun!

(Please note this post has been written with sheep in mind.)


After his escapades in the Big City and bumping into hundreds of humans, we reckon Psychologies will keep Shaun out of trouble. The magazine is geared towards how the human mind works and offers insight into emotions such as anxiety and stress – the perfect companion for understanding The Farmer and what those expressions in his eyes really mean. Shaun might learn a thing or two about his peers on the farm as well!

Let’s Knit

Nothing can be worse for poor old Shaun than when his coat finally gets sheared. Let’s Knit will provide Shaun and his flock with all the necessary hints and tips to knock up a patterned scarf or a woolly jumper to keep warm during those chilly nights. Perfect for the beginner, Let’s Knit offers styling advice, gift ideas for the home and heaps of contemporary designs. Think of the joy on The Farmer’s face!

Condé Nast Traveller

Shaun and the gang haven’t ventured far from home, so a subscription to one of’s great travel magazines is a brilliant idea. Opening eyes to the wonders of the world - from authentic unmissable experiences to stunning photography - Condé Nast Traveller might encourage the flock to head out more often. One thing’s for sure, they’ll have a great understanding of places to visit from an honest point of view.

Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpacas

The one-stop-shop on all things sheep. From breeding to feeding, Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpacas is the choice for farmers and flocks. Perhaps a present for The Farmer, this title will ensure the very best from the gang in a straightforward, easy to read format. An insight into dairy, health and welfare with regular competitions will mean a happy farmer and happy sheep!