The 5 Best Magazines for New Mums

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The 5 Best Magazines for New MumsThe 5 Best Magazines for New Mums

The road ahead may appear to be daunting and you’ll be confronted with certain challenges along the way, but the fabulous news here is that you have the most amazing gift in the entire world, a gorgeous new addition, your baby!

As much as you have made the gallant effort to fully prepare yourself for each and every step along the way, the truth is, no matter how much preparation, everyone’s experience will be unique and different. You will discover what is best for you as a new mum.

Here at, we want to support you in your journey as a new mother in the best way that we can by offering you a list of our 5 best magazines for new mums. Sometimes all you need are a few tidbits of advice, motivation and inspiration to keep you going.    

1. Mother and Baby

Mother & Baby Magazine

You are a smart, savvy and style-conscious modern mother, that is why a Mother and Baby magazine subscription is the perfect choice for you. Stay up-to-date with the latest news stories and reassuring features on pregnancy as well as practical tips on baby and toddler care plus authoritative health advice.


2. Baby

Baby Magazine

Baby is the perfect bible to prepare you for all of the exciting days to come as you embark on your journey into parenthood. Advice, support, inspiration and health-related articles are just a few of the highlights you can expect from Baby magazine. Plus, you can stay in touch with the latest fashion trends in maternity and babywear - win, win.


3. Nursery World

Nursery World Magazine

There’s nothing more important than providing our little ones with the best opportunities for learning. Nursery World ensures that all children have the support they need to be healthy and safe and in their early years of education. Bursting with ideas and resources, Nursery World magazine is a must-read to help every child achieve their full potential.


4. Gurgle

Gurgle magazine- The 5 best magazines for new mums

A Gurgle magazine is the ideal read for new and expectant mums that’s full of great advice, ideas and inspiration to help guide you through the stages of motherhood. From fertility and conception, right through to pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, Gurgle offers the most friendly and informative articles to keep you motivated as a new mum.


5. Little London

Little London Magazine

Health, holidays, education and nutrition with fun fashion trends and style tips, Little London is there for you every step of the way. Whether it’s starting nursery or potty training, you don’t have to go it alone as a new mum! Let a Little London magazine offer you the best advice and guidance you need today.



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