The complete 2015 fun run guide

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We all had great intentions of revolutionising our fitness regimes in 2015 and promised ourselves on Boxing Day we would start a detox, diet, or enrol at the gym. But sometimes the thought of exercise just fills us with dread. Especially when the last few weeks have consisted of little other than chocolate, cakes and cold-turkey. So we’ve scoured our favourite running magazines to find this year’s greatest fun runs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make ‘getting fit’ a giggle! See you at the starting line!

Rock ‘n’ Roll — Liverpool — June 14

Full or half marathon

Home of The Beatles and arguably one of the trendiest cities outside of London, Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool is the marathon for music lovers. Throughout the race you’ll find regular pit-stops complete with live local bands for you to sing, dance and strut along to. And there is even a finish line festival! Last year’s headliner was legendary Liverpool band The Farm. Who knows maybe McCartney might make it for 2015?!

Sumo Run — London — 25 July

5K run

The picture you are creating inside your head at the moment is exactly what this race is about. A 5k fun run in London’s Battersea Park where all participants wobble their way around the course dressed in inflatable Sumo suits. Guaranteed to have you laughing at the end, it will be raising money for Link Community Development, a charity helping to educate children in Africa.

The Color Run — various dates and locations

5K run

Otherwise known as ‘The Happiest 5k on the Planet’, The Color Run has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Not about the race but more about getting absolutely covered in coloured powder; the only time throwing paint is acceptable. The kids will love this one!

The Mighty Deerstalker — Scotland — 14 March

Image via Andy McLeod

5 or 10K run

Not for the faint hearted, the Mighty Deerstalker is the UK’s toughest off road run. Fun if you like heaps of mud and you secretly imagine yourself as Action Man (or Woman). The 5k is run in daylight, but the 10k is in complete darkness. With head torches at the ready, expect plenty of ditches, puddles and ponds. Just head to the nearest shower when you’re done!

Zombierun — various dates and locations

5k run

The most frightening run from our selection (unless you have a fear of Sumo wrestlers!). A 5k fun run complete with 3 lifelines. Avoid bumping into zombies around the course and you might just make it out alive; you’ll feel like you’ve just walked onto the set of Walking Dead. Just remember it’s all pretend!

London Pantomime Horse Race — various dates and locations

5K Run

A very silly race but a must-see. London’s annual pre-Christmas fun run, which sees ten Pantomime horse’s race through the streets of London, cheered on by a crowd of supporters and a handful of celebs, including racing commentator John McCririck! Limited places but if you’ve got a neighbour with great coordination in their feet, then give it a try!

Undie Run, various locations 2015

1KM Run

Aimed at university students, the Undie Run is a 1km run in your pants! Raising money for Stand Up To Cancer, the Undie Run is held throughout universities in the UK. Because the race takes place in October, there is no guarantee of the weather, so be prepared to get chilly! Hit the SU bar before for a bit of Dutch courage and get yourself and your flatmates involved.

Electric Run, London 2nd  May 2015

5K run

Girls, a night out clubbing can end in disaster when you’ve got those skyscraper heels on. But what about choosing a night at the Electric Run instead. Trainers only! A 5k ‘experience’ complete with music, glowsticks and neon paint alongside entire buildings, ponds and tunnels that glow and a mammoth DJ set to finish.

Marathon du Medoc — France — September 12

Full Marathon

The only marathon to offer wine as a refreshment. And lots of it! Based in France the boozy race comes complete with 23 glasses of the finest French wine per participant and visits some of the most scenic vineyards. Participants can also enjoy cheese, steak and ice-cream on route. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

The Tweed Run — London — 18 April

Bicycle race

Not a fun ‘run’ but a fun ride! The Tweed Run is the perfect afternoon out for lovers of tea, tweed and a good ol’ knees up, darling! Don your finest tweed and hop on your Dutch bike as you rally around London on what feels like a journey back in time. Passing your favourite monuments and stopping for picnics and light bites, the Tweed Run definitely deserved a mention. Jolly good idea I say!

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