Why busy parents need to buy The Week

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Karen from Mini Travellers tells us why The Week is the perfect choice for busy parents who want to keep up to date on current affairs.


Before the kids came along, we had The Guardian delivered on a Saturday and The Times delivered on a Sunday. The weekend negotiation would be over who got up to get the paper off the mat, make a cup of tea and bring them back to bed.

How weekend mornings have changed. After baby number one we persisted with a purchase of a Sunday paper for a while but when it remained unopened on the kitchen table we cancelled them – just for a while, we told ourselves. Then we had twins!

Now we have three children and five years on the paper still doesn't get delivered on a weekend. The weekend battles are not who will get up and make a cup of tea, it is who is going to get up and look after the three girls, make breakfast and resolve arguments over Frozen characters and Barbie.

They will however from time to time entertain themselves and this is where The Week fits in. The Week is a 50 something page magazine. It easily fits in your bag, can be held with one hand (essential as a Mum) and it gives you the best of the British and International News from the week before. You can catch up on the major stories from all the papers (tabloid and broadsheet) and it means I can manage to hold a conversation (albeit basic) about most of the major issues that are going on in the world. Not bad for someone whose life now revolves around all things Travel and CBeebies.

For me I love the Letter section and the Drama section, but I also love the Pick of the Weeks Gossip and the It Must be True you heard it in the tabloids piece.

Recently there was a fascinating article about Thalidomide and I'm halfway through the article on The Uber Takeover this week.

For me if you're a parent with little time, this brilliant magazine gives you a way of getting all the news in an easily digestible format! Win win.


If it sounds like The Week could be for you, check out our range of digital and print subscription packages.