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Some of the best travel blogs out there are run by couples. It’s interesting to read how two separate people can sometimes take a different perspective on the same place, and the blogs often serve as a great source of relationship advice too.

That’s because, let’s face it, travelling with someone else can be stressful and it really challenges your compatibility. From negotiating budgets and planning routes, to overcoming disappointments and coping when things go wrong – it’s ultimately the best test of how you work as a team.

So here are some of our favourite couple travel bloggers. Between them, they cover every aspect of travelling across part of the globe, from Milwaukee to Manila. Read on!

Our favourite couple travel bloggers


Captain and Clark

Stateside travel duo Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark have been travelling together literally since they met. They first crossed paths on Mount Kilimanjaro; their relationship bloomed in Korea; and they finally got engaged in front of the Taj Mahal.

The pair were based in Korea for two years, and their extensive blog posts provide an amazing insight into the rich cultural heritage of the island, as well as the realities of cultivating an expat relationship.

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Contented Traveller


Gordon and Paula are two of the most influential travel writers out there today. Having travelled together for 12 years, their blog features a huge array of destinations, mixing their own firsthand experiences with guest posts from only the best travel writers.

The pair are open and honest about the difficulties of life on the road. By their own admission, not everything is wonderful when you travel. They’ve missed their fair share of trains, argued in many places, and also got some things very wrong. But for them, that’s what travelling is all about, and they’ve grown both as a couple and as individuals.

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Goats On The Road

Canadians Nick and Dariece have been on the road since 2008, supporting themselves in various ways, from house sitting to teaching English. They style themselves as ‘digital nomads’ – roaming the earth from place to place and supporting themselves by working remotely.

Their blog combines advice on how to maintain their very modern lifestyles, with detailed blogs and videos depicting their weird and wonderful adventures. These two seem to have done just about everything, from exploring hidden Mexican temple ruins to living it up on a tiny Caribbean island made entirely of conch shells.

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The Travel Manuel


Vaughan and Lauren never came back from their honeymoon. Don’t worry, they didn’t die or anything, they just decided to spend their first year of married life travelling the globe. Similarly to the guys from Goats On The Road, this pair decided their desk jobs were just too limiting, and now they live their lives working remotely on the road.

Their blog features tips on the technicalities of expat life in Asia, beautiful photo documentaries of their various trips and even a few travel-based contests and giveaways.

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Hecktic Travels

Like many couples on our list, Canadians Dalene and Pete Heck have taken the brave step of packing in their standard 9 to 5s and starting new lives travelling the globe. Unlike for most though, it wasn’t the whimsy of an extended honeymoon that took them abroad, rather it was a series of intense personal tragedies. Read a touching account of how travel was the solution to their woes.

Hecktic Travels is a great mix of location features, like these beautifully shot and designed postcards from Finland, and more practical, thought-provoking articles, like this post on what the couple have learnt about marriage on their travels.

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A Brit & A Southener


A Brit & A Southerner was founded in July 2013 by Brit, Chris, and Southerner (in the American sense) Heather, after they met at a university in Arkansas. The pair have since established themselves in the niche market of ‘weekend travel’.

The blog is a perfect resource for those who want to travel about and see new places, but can’t quite commit to packing it all in for a long expedition. Due to their location, a lot of their posts are based on great weekend getaways in the States, such as this in-depth guide to the different neighbourhoods in Memphis, Tennessee.

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A Brit and A Broad

What sets A Brit and A Broad apart from other travel blogs is its strong focus on video content. Macca (Brit and photographer) and Brianna (Broad, actor and director) are joined by award-winning cinematographer, Brian Ceci, to form an unbeatable team.

Their videos are creative, aesthetically minded and artistically shot. Macca and Brianna make for an alluring and engaging presenting pair, and they’re beautifully framed by Brian’s expert videography and tasteful choices in background music.

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  • Paula McInerney

    Thank you for this recognition, which Gordon and I are humbled by. We love to share or travels and experiences with our readers, and to encourage people to experience a country, city or place by connecting to its history, people and culture. What you read on Contented Traveller is definitely real people experiencing real travel. Again, thank you. Paula


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