Why National Geographic Kids is perfect for children

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Rebecca Smith from Futures explains why National Geographic Kids is perfect for inquisitive young minds... 

A baby polar bear on the cover of National Geographic Kids

Jack loves reading, much like his mum. Books, magazines, he loves them all. He may only have just turned four and only be able to identify a few words so far. However, he loves nothing more than sitting down with a magazine, poring over the pictures and trying to learn new words.

For a four year old, National Geographic Kids provides the perfect experience. Lots of beautiful pictures to look at, interesting articles to read through with me and puzzles to complete – it really does have it all.

Jack is a big fan of magazines in general but I have found that not many are able to actually teach him something. He loves animals and nature in general and National Geographic Kids is packed full of interesting information such as facts about marine animals or even some historical facts. In this issue, readers learned all about Hatshepsut (an Egyptian pharaoh). I hadn’t even heard of her so I learned something new as well.

An inside spread of National Geographic Kids

I am constantly trying to teach Jack about the world around him and with the help of National Geographic Kids, I am able to do that. We can go through the magazine learning animal names – especially when they’re new to both of us and we can find out more about them.

Another thing I love about National Geographic Kids is that it isn’t packed to the brim with adverts. Jack is very susceptible to advertising and I appreciate this informative magazine not including lots of it within their pages. Instead, they include a variety of stunning pictures of animals that are perfect for sticking to your animal mad child’s wall.

Poster of a penguin in National Geographic Kids

So why exactly do I think this is the perfect magazine for children? Simply put, it provides an interesting learning experience for children whilst keeping the learning fun – what child doesn’t love animals and the nature around them? I am also looking forward to the next issue of the magazine, perhaps even as much as Jack!

If you and your little ones want to learn more about the world around you, subscribe to National Geographic Kids and get fascinating facts and stunning pictures delivered to your door.


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