The 5 Best Entertainment Magazines

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the 5 best entertainment magazinesThe 5 Best Entertainment Magazines

If you like winding down and putting on a movie, catching up with the latest TV series or jamming around to your favourite music, then you’ll love our guide to the 5 best entertainment magazines.

1. Total Film

Total Film Magazine

Total Film magazine is brimming with the latest film news, ratings and reviews of blockbusters hitting the screens and exclusive interviews with the stars. Whether you’re looking for teasers of upcoming movies, behind the scenes access, or ideas for what to watch next, you’ll find all of this and more inside every issue of Total Film magazine.

Each month you’ll love the features, guides and articles packed inside Total Film magazine, it truly is the ultimate read for film buffs.

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2. Empire

Empire Magazine

Capturing all movie moments, from draw-dropping scenes to award-winning acting, you’ll find expert reviews on the latest films to hit the silver screen. Bringing readers exclusive movie and tv news, from upcoming releases to behind the scenes shots, Empire magazine has everything you need to know as a film buff. 

Packed full of in-depth reviews of the latest films and shows, you’ll know what's on your list to watch next. You’ll be the first to hear about any sequels or must-watch films in the pipeline, as well as coverage on the hottest TV shows across the world in every issue of Empire magazine.

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3. Radio Times

Radio Times Magazine

A family favourite for years, Radio Times provides the inside scoop from the nation’s much-loved shows and films. You’ll get the latest from the world of entertainment, from easy-to-use listings to news and views on the latest shows. 

The essential guide to television and radio, Radio Times magazine will keep you in the loop with when your favourite shows are airing, as well as when new hyped series are starting. Don’t miss out on the fascinating interviews with your favourite celebrities to grace your screen inside every issue of Radio Times magazine. 

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4. Doctor Who

Doctor Who Magazine

If you’re part of the Doctor Who fanbase, you’ll love this magazine. Doctor Who magazine contains everything you need to know as a Whovian. Jam-packed with never seen before features including interviews, behind the scenes and alternate storylines. 

Whether you're interested in the personality of your favourite Doctor, or you love seeing behind the scenes of your favourite episodes, you can find all of this and more in every issue. Get ready to explore exclusive interviews with past and present cast and crew, plus images and features that you’ll only find in Doctor Who magazine.

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5. Vintage Rock

Vintage Rock Magazine

Taking a nostalgic glimpse back to one of the best eras of music, Vintage Rock magazine covers the music, artists, culture and lifestyles of the early 50s to mid-60s. Every issue offers a fascinating look back in time, with interviews with the legends of rock, and brings you a taste of what it’s like to be a rock ‘n’ roll star. Plus, read deep-dive reviews on the latest rock tunes inside every issue.

What's more, you’ll love the special issues dedicated to the lives and eras of rock legends including Cliff Richard, The Beatles and the King himself. So Rock ‘n’ Roll back into the Golden Age with a subscription to Vintage Rock magazine.  

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Whether you love watching all of the latest films, you are a part of a huge fan base or you love listening to vintage rock, you’ll find a magazine that’ll keep you entertained here at

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