5 Ways To Keep Up With Your New Fitness Routine

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5 Ways to Keep Up Your New Fitness Routine

It’s a new year, a fresh new start. A chance to accomplish the resolutions you have set. And before we all get overwhelmed by the fitness routines we have set out to do, that probably isn't realistic. Take a step back. Are you really going to be able to fit in that 60-minute workout at 5 am all before work? That’s why we’ve put together 5 ways you can stick with your fitness routine for longer than a week!

1. Keep it short

There is nothing worse than dreading an exercise and we don’t all have 60 minutes spare in a day, let alone 3 x a week. And let's be realistic, not everyone uses all 60 minutes to work out! So cut them down: do a HIIT workout of just 20 minutes of intense exercise, rather than 60 minutes of passing time. You can squeeze more 20 minute workouts in easier than you could 60-minute ones. Why not find some workout inspiration with a Men’s Fitness magazine subscription?

2. Find something you love - exercise doesn't have to be boring

Workouts don’t always fit your mood. You might not want to fit your HIIT workout in today, but you should at least get your body moving. And it could be as easy as going for a walk, a swim, or doing some yoga - we recommend OM Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine if you're looking at embracing some zen. Find the style you’ll enjoy, and trust me working out will no longer be a chore. You might not enjoy weight training, but there are loads of different types of exercises to try for your fitness routine, from CrossFit to Pilates. You won't want to cancel that gym class because you hate it, instead, you’ll be looking forward to working out!


3. Keep equipment in a place you enjoy to be in

Not all of us have access to a fully equipped gym, or even want to step foot into a gym. So get yourself some home equipment, and don’t put them in your garage. Working out in a garage doesn’t sound too appealing, so you won’t want to do it. It’ll be cold, dark and not inviting. So move the equipment to your living room, bedroom or garden. If you are outdoorsy, then Outdoor Fitness magazine will inspire you on ways you can workout outdoors, from climbing to watersports. Find an area you like to be in and put your equipment there. It’ll make you want to work out more as you’ll see your equipment frequently.

4. Be realistic - You don't have to wake up at 5am to fit it in

You might have planned your routine around fitting in the gym before work. And this might be great if you have the time and are a morning person. But if you like the extra 30 minutes in bed, always snooze your alarm and get more done at night then maybe an early morning workout isn’t for you. Find the time you have the most energy and fits your schedule and do your exercises then. Remember fitness works around you, not the other way round. Women’s Health magazine is great for helping you be the best version of yourself, promoting overall wellbeing, motivation and inspiration. If you want to be consistent and keep up with your new fitness routine then make it work for your lifestyle.

5. Grab a buddy

If you find yourself getting lacking in motivation, then find yourself a workout buddy. Someone who will motivate you when you aren’t seeing any improvements, who’ll inspire you to keep pushing through. Having someone who can hold you accountable but also who you can hold accountable will keep you on track. If you enjoy running, then join a running club; it’s one of the most sociable ways to exercise, even if you’re a complete beginner. We recommend grabbing a Runner’s World magazine filled with ways to improve your technique to how to complete a marathon.

Let’s accomplish those fitness resolutions and be able to look back on 2020 and be proud of all that you have done! Keeping up with your fitness routine is hard but a monthly Health & Fitness magazine subscription will keep you inspired.