6 Things To Do in London on Valentine's Day 2018

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6 things to do in London on Valentine's Day6 Things To Do in London on Valentine’s Day 2018

Once upon a time, in the late 14th century, Saint Valentine of Rome found himself on the verge of execution due to multiple weddings he had performed for soldiers (which just so happened to have been an extremely forbidden act). With his bitter end near, he wrote a farewell letter to the lovely daughter of his judge and signed it off with the legendary words that read,“Your, Valentine.” Little did ol’ Saint Valentine know, that he had just single-handedly birthed the everlasting celebration of love.

Fast forward to our present, and we have remained loyal to the old time tradition that is Valentine’s Day. Whether we spoil ourselves with a box of heart-shaped chocolates or send a dozen long-stemmed red roses to that special someone, our traditional habits remain unchanged. So if you’re in the mood to mix it up this year, there happen to be six things to do in London on Valentine’s Day that could spice up the way you’ve typically celebrated in the past (however, that may have been).       

1. Fondue for Two?

Fondue for two - 6 Things To Do in London on Valentine's Day 2018

Is there any other indulgence more appropriate for a cheesy holiday than an extra cheesy, mouth-watering fondue? Head over to Borough Market and discover an oozing fondue delight offered by the hip wine bar, Bedales. The cheese fondue will be the primary attraction for Bedales ‘Fondue with Your Boo’ Valentine’s Day special. You can also expect to stuff your face with a delectable flourless chocolate cake for dessert and wash it all down with a hefty glass of extra fine wine. If you can’t make it out for this Valentine’s Day treat, then grab yourself a Good Food magazine subscription and try whipping up your own fondue recipe from the comfort of your home.

2. Not Your Average Cinema

Cinema - 6 Things To Do in London on Valentine's Day 2018

Lights, cocktails, action! Lounge out in a plush sofa chair while sipping on your favourite cocktail and enjoy a not-so-typical cinema experience. Places like Electric cinema or Exhibit Cinema in London are just a few of the many stylish and old-school theatres that will be putting on some Valentine’s Day specials. Sit back, relax and take pleasure in a more intimate and catered experience than your local Odeon.   

3. A Sight for Sore Eyes

Sight for sour eyes - 6 Things To Do in London on Valentine's Day 2018

It doesn’t get more romantic than gazing out at the twinkling lights of London with a glass of bubbly in hand from 800 ft up in the sky. The View from the Shard is waiting to spoil you and your special someone this February 14th; turn up the heat in your love life with breathtaking views, delicious cuisine and a giant floral heart-shaped arch for the perfect photo-op.  

4. Head Out to Zen Out

spa - 6 Things To Do in London on Valentine's Day 2018

Catch a much-needed spa break with your Valentine and take a load off with a deep tissue massage or a detoxifying facial treatment. Choose from a list of Valentine’s spa breaks and grab yourself a soft white robe and escape from reality for awhile. You can expect the usual peace and tranquillity of a luxury spa with the additional splash of romance for you and your other half.  

5. Strike It Up

bowling - 6 Things To Do in London on Valentine's Day 2018

Bloomsbury Bowling is the ideal spot to kick off your Valentine’s Day if you’re in the mood for something more casual and playful. A game of bowling is the perfect opportunity to either show off your skills, give your Valentine a few tips and pointers or make it interesting by agreeing to reward whoever can knock out the most strikes! And did we mention that you can enjoy a few beverages and pizza slices while you’re at it?      

6. Ice Ice Baby

 ice bar

Don’t worry about freezing your tush off when you’ve got your special Valentine to cosy up to. Icebar London may be a chilling -5°C in temperature, but the innovative ice sculptures and refreshing cocktails will be distracting enough for you to be able to embrace and enjoy the fun-filled experience thoroughly.  

Wherever you may be this Valentine’s Day, find out where and what you can do to celebrate the way you want with a Travel magazine subscription.