The Hottest Travel Destinations for 2018

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the hottest travel destinations for 2018The hottest travel destinations for 2018 eagerly await your arrival. Whether it's soaking up some much needed rays on a paradise island or ticking off one of the many wonders of the world from your bucket list, travelling is one of life’s beautiful luxuries worth spoiling yourself with. The rewards of globe trotting are effortlessly earned through exciting new adventures, carefree living and memorable moments, all you have to do is plan your journey (or simply wing it, depending on your style). 

 The Hottest Travel Destinations for 2018

With a list of the hottest travel destinations for 2018, you will be inspired and motivated to go the distance this year and satisfy your “much-needed holiday” cravings.        


portugal-the hottest travel destinations for 2018

Portugal, is the charming neighbor of Spain, where delicious and fresh seafood reigns and historical cobblestone towns meet vast golden beaches. From the gorgeous vineyards of Porto to the southernmost point of the Algarve’s sparkling waters, this European oasis is one of the top destinations worth exploring this year. With reliable sunny weather, buzzing cities and beach breaks it is easy to see why Portugal has earned a spot on the list of the hottest travel destinations for 2018. It is the perfect escape for those seeking a healthy balance between sun, sand and sightseeing.   


morocco the-hottest-travel-destinations-for-2018

Let your senses be consumed by the stimulating smells of fresh herbs and spices that float through the air, the insanely mouth-watering cuisine and the most mesmerizing palaces. The camels of Morocco await to take you on a journey across the stunning Sahara desert where once in a lifetime experiences will have only just begun. Morocco has much to offer this year, whether its from the opening of the brand new YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) fashion museum in Marrakech, the many hidden treasures found within vibrant souk markets or the exceptionally stunning views of the six-mile sandy coastline of Agadir; a Moroccan holiday will offer you much more than just a simple get away.

Valletta, Malta

malta the hottest travel destinations for 2018

As you look south beyond the sole of Italy’s boot, you will discover the tiny hidden gem that is, Malta. As of 2018, the beloved city of Valletta, has been officially crowned as Malta's European Capital of Culture, meaning a year long celebration of fun-filled festivals and events is about to commence. With that being said, this year is the perfect opportunity to soak up and experience all that is Malta; from the gorgeous crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea to the impressive historic sites that fill the many quaint towns and villages with timeless charm and beauty, Valletta, Malta is ready to share its vibrant culture with the world.


mauritius the hottest travel destinations for 2018

Close your eyes and picture the most luscious and remote tropical island with flawless white sanded beaches, affordable luxury, world renowned spas and flavorful gourmet cuisines. Now open your eyes and meet the stunning paradise that is Mauritius. Dive into the bright blue Indian Ocean and explore the underwater world that is home to vibrant creatures and colorful coral reefs. Or simply laze out on a hammock and listen to the waves crash against the shore. With newly renovated hotels and unrivaled hospitality, choosing Mauritius for your dream holiday is a no-brainer.  


Cairo, Egypt

cairo the hottest destinations in 2018

With fascinating new archaeological discoveries and a brand new museum, it will be hard to resist exploring the ancient city of Cairo, Egypt this year. The opening of the impressive Grand Egyptian Museum will showcase more than 100,000 artifacts to which include the exquisite treasures and precious jewels of ancient pharaohs as well as the recent archaeological discovery of more than 17 mummies. And if that isn’t enough to ‘wow’ you, then take a visit to the amazing Pyramids of Giza and tick off one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World from your bucket list.

Vienna, Austria

vienna the hottest travel destinations for 2018

Vienna may have flown under the radar in previous years, but for 2018 this lively capital of Austria will have a whole lot more to offer its visitors. Aside from its impeccable beauty, remarkable museums, incredible history and delicious food, Vienna will be celebrating the 100th memorial anniversaries for three of its legendary artists: Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser and Egon Schiele. Through exciting events and exhibitions, if there was any perfect time to experience the wonderful city of Vienna properly, it would be now.

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