7 reasons to subscribe to Saga magazine

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Sporting a shiny new look, we're celebrating a whip-smart glossy full of smart suggestions and handy guides - it can only be Saga magazine! Filled with home and gardening tips, health and wellbeing features, money and travel advice and more, there's something for every savvy subscriber 50 and over.

Here are 7 reasons to subscribe to Saga magazine, a magazine.co.uk favourite!

 1. News, views and pageturners


Saga brings you their take on the latest in current affairs and popular culture with insightful and witty views from award-winning journalists. You'll also find star studded interviews, a monthly 'must do' list and recommendations for what the Saga team are reading - prepare to find the next big thing in books with every issue!

2. A spirit of adventure

Saga travel is well-know for taking the stress out of organising trips abroad without any hand holding. In every issue of Saga magazine, you'll find pages brimming with glossy inspiration for your next trip (UK or abroad). Bob down the Grand canal in a gondola in Venice, trek the mountains of Hungary, watch the Northern Lights in Iceland, experience the sights, spices and smells of India... - there's so much world out there to see, and it's all to be found in Saga.

3. Home sweet homestephen-di-donato-119064

Every issue of Saga magazine is filled with the latest gardening and interior trends to keep your space looking bright, cheerful and comfortable all year round. Find out how to add a splash of print or colour to the most loved rooms in your home, as well as tips and tricks for making big impacts on a tiny budget. There's also practical advice on getting jobs done (DIY or hire in a professional?) and debates on bigger jobs like underfloor heating, solar panels and big-scale refits.

4. Health is wealth

The expert team at Saga magazine take a no-nonsense approach to your health and wellbeing. Featuring monthly guides on eating right, feeling good and getting yourself moving, there's no patronising weight loss advice or tone up tips. Here you'll just find the best ways to avoid major illness, boost your immune system, find balance and keep up your energy without missing out on your favourite foods and hobbies.

5. Culture vulturesclem-onojeghuo-197522

Love nothing more than a good laugh or finding out the best of the newest music releases? Saga brings you the cream of the crop when it comes to the latest in TV, film, music, comedy and theatre. There's also fab tips on seasonal events in gardening, dance, music festivals and more! If it's found critical acclaim and making waves across the culture scene, you'll find it in Saga magazine.

6. Money money money

Whether you're intent on saving for a big treat (or perhaps for your children's inheritance) or splurging and totally treating yourself, Saga is always full of wise investment advice and how to make your money work for you. Discover the latest advice from money saving experts and financial advisors on everything from your mortgage and pension to investing.

7. It's just £12 for 12 issues

£1 a month? Where do we sign?clem-onojeghuo-245626

Discover dynamic features on all areas of life with a Saga magazine subscription!