Magazine subscriptions for libraries

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magazine subscriptions for libraries

A library maybe full of books, but what about magazine subscriptions for libraries? A quick read is a great way for visitors to stay a little while and catch up on the latest news, trends and tips. Here's our pick of the perfect glossies for those stopping by for an hour in-between book swaps.

Magazine subscriptions for librariesmagazine subscriptions for libraries

1. Fiction Feast magazine

A fun fab fix for fiction fans, try a Fiction Feast magazine subscription! Full of quick reads and super serials, it's ideal for any keen bookworm who fancies a nose through some shorter stories. Filled with fiction across every genre, from chilling thrillers to heartwarming romances, it's guaranteed gold for library visitors.

2. All About History magazine

For history buffs old and young, All About History magazine is the ideal magazine subscription for any library. Appealing to all readers with a passion for the past, All About History is filled with the grisly facts and gory mysteries of both British and international history. Discover ancient empires, uncover priceless relics and find out the biggest names who shaped the world - all from your favourite library chair.

3. Discover Britain magazine

The perfect inspiration for getting out and about or reading up on the amazing history of our little green island, a Discover Britain magazine subscription delivers the best of the seasons from the cities, towns and villages of Britain. Bursting with things to do, sights to see and places to be, it's a library essential for visitors or tourists seeking a quick flick through.

4. Amateur Photographer magazine

Tips, tricks and tutorials galore, this is a staunch favourite magazine subscription for libraries. Amateur Photographer magazine helps budding photographers get to grips with the basics, with stunning results from fellow readers. We like the buying guides to help readers find the best camera for them as well as jargon busters sorting your aperture from your focusing.
magazine subscriptions for libraries

5. Your Family History magazine

A must have for those looking through the record books to find any details on their long-lost ancestors, a Your Family History magazine subscription will help offer tips and tricks to help discover amazing family history using the internet, extended family members, local records and of course the great British library. It's a staple magazine subscription for libraries across the UK!

6. Discovery Box magazine

One for the kids! The ideal reads for 9-12 year olds, a Discovery Box magazine subscription satisfies their thirst for knowledge on everything from dinosaurs to Mozart to the evolution of chocolate! It's a real find for animals, science and history as well as cool comic strips. Perfect for the hesitant readers who want to know the world inside out!

7. Writing magazine

For book lovers everywhere who harbour a not-so-secret desire to pen their own great world-changing novel, a Writing magazine subscription is perhaps the best pick of all for magazine subscriptions for libraries! Penned by expert writers and brimming with fantastic writing guides, tips and tricks, library visitors may well find their own names appearing on your shelves one day...


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