7 Themed Christmas Trees You Need to See

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If last year was about glitter beards and glitter partings, this Christmas is all about the themed tree. If it's not Star Wars themed or tacky, it's not hot - here are 7 themed Christmas trees you need to see!

1. The Harry Potter Themed Tree

The Harry Potter Tree

Image - Buzzfeed

Thought you were the biggest Potter fan around? You thought wrong. This Harry Potter themed tree comes complete with decorations inspired from every book, the occasional horcrux and a Hogwarts entry letter (let's be honest, all we really want for Christmas after 2016).

2. The Star Wars Themed Tree


Image - Facebook

Dreading a traditional family Christmas? May the force be with you -  these Star Wars themed trees are the perfect choice for any rogue one ;) Spot the Yoda decoration!

3. The Grinch Themed Tree


Image - Pinterest

Not feeling Christmassy? That's cool. Buy some neon green net and ruin everything with a Grinch themed tree. No presents, guests or merriment allowed.

4. The Elvis Themed Tree


Uhuh, Santa Claus is back in town! *shakes hips* Ditch the traditional turkey and grab your favourite burger - who else wants to rock around this Elvis themed Christmas tree? Long live the King!

5. The Disney Themed Tree


Image - Facebook

The most magical tree for any Disney fan, this Disneyland-inspired confection of festivity is bound to warm the hearts of little ones and raise a smile from even the Scrooge-iest of relatives.

6. The Marvel Themed Tree


Image - Pinterest

Comic book fan? This Marvel inspired Christmas tree is a pretty heroic effort (yeah we said it) with appearances from Spiderman, Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man and Deadpool.

7. The Frozen Themed Tree


Image - Popsugar

Frozen was the big news of Christmas 2015 and its glittery blue frostiness still hasn't left the hearts of Disney fans and 7-year old girls everywhere. Not feeling the Frozen tree? Let it go man. Let it go.

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