Four things you need for a cosy night in with Living Etc

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Blogger Daisy from Pretty Green Tea tells us how she puts aside an evening each week to enjoy some time for herself (and to read Livingetc magazine.)


How often do you get to enjoy some ‘me-time’? It’s important that between all the tidying, working and organising that takes up so much of our lives we ensure we take enough time for ourselves - particularly during these dark winter months! Set aside a couple of hours one evening this week to relax and read your favourite magazine.

Scheduling in time to relax may sound silly but it really does work. It’s often all too easy to work late or spend too long doing jobs around the house. Bedtime quickly rolls around and there’s no time for reading.

It’s not good trying sporadically to relax for ten minutes on your sofa throughout the day. What’s relaxing about that? You deserve some real down time, so make it special. Here are the four things you need for a cosy night in with Livingetc.

Firstly, a soft throw will add warmth and a cosy feeling to your evening of relaxation. The weather has turned cold so use it as an excuse to snuggle up. I’m sure many of us have a few throws dotted around the house, so dig out your favourite and take it to your reading spot. That may be the bed, the sofa or locked away in your office. It doesn’t matter where you pick, just make sure it’s free of clutter and noise.


Next you’re going to need a couple of scented candles. Not only do candles smell good but they also give off a very warming ambience. I personally like to go for something spicy at this time of the year, think cinnamon and orange.

It’s also important to have your drink of choice on hand. There are no rules here; you might fancy a glass of red wine, a mug of hot chocolate or just a good old cup of tea. Don’t wait til relaxation time has begun - make sure your drink is ready and waiting for you.

Last but not least you’ll need a copy of the latest issue of Livingetc - I can assure you that this month’s issue is a real treat. I particularly like Livingetc because it’s a contemporary magazine with a wide variety of article topics including home, shopping, design, travel and food.

The February issue of Livingetc is filled with lots of exciting renovation inspiration, complete with an easy guide to getting started. There’s a section focused on taking inspiration from the catwalk and bringing those trends into the home. You’ll find bright, bold colours for 2016 as well as soft blush shades which work perfectly with navy and gold.


I fell deeply in love with footwear designer Cleo Barbour’s warehouse conversion in London. It’s all about bright pinks, turquoises and splashes of gold, and has a hot summer feel to it on these cold winter days. There’s also a wonderful collection of light bulbs which will really make you think outside the box when it comes to lighting in your home.

Remember that changing your lighting or even just the bulbs can make a big difference in your home. I’m a big fan of floor lights for this time of year; they’re less harsh than ceiling lights but still emit enough light during the evening.

I'm happy to report that my evening of relaxation with Livingetc left me filled with inspiration and motivation for the year ahead.

Will you be taking an evening for yourself this week?