Beautiful home inspiration from Elle Decoration magazine

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If youre looking for home inspiration, then look no further than Elle Decoration magazine. Gabrielle from A Glass of Ice delves into a recent issue and explains why the magazine never fails to inspire.

Elle Decoration magazine

After a few years of flicking through Elle Decoration issues left out on the occasional coffee table here and there, its wonderful to now have copies of my own landing on my doorstep each month! Theres something about the publication that encourages you to slow down, sit back and relax. Needless to say, the stunning visuals play a large part in achieving this, however its also impossible not to appreciate the impact of each articles soothing text for the accompanying images. 

Elle decor magazine

Over the time spent reading the newest Elle Decoration issue cover to cover, Ive been pulled back and forth between my own concepts of the ideal space. Really, this shouldnt have surprised me as after all, the Editor-in-Chiefs (Michelle Ogundehin) cover letter instructs readers from the very beginning to: Be Inspired!’ And I was. By various home interior ideas including the suggestion of updating a neglected piece of furniture by painting it in an ornate style; a suggestion that was joined by an image of Michael Angoves Chinoiserie masterpiece for Farrow & Ball.

Elle Decoration magazine kitchen

Michael Angoves lavender-coloured design was something I was certainly inspired by! I wascertain for just a moment that my ideal spacefeatured ornate designs, bursts of colour and intricate antiques. However, one turn of a page convinced me otherwise! Simple, graphic dinner settings were paired with bright white walls, met by naked floorboards and empty glass jars. Ive always been equally attracted to minimalism when it comes to interior design, as I have extravagance. The two styles couldnt be further apart; they’re each extreme in their own fascinating, unique ways - something that was evident in photos of Otto de Jagers Cape Town bolt hole.

elle decoration magazine white green

By the time Id neared the end of the issue, I was very nearly convinced inspiration had led me to step closer to minimalist spaces. Or at least, that was until I read the beautifully descriptive article on one of Londons most individual propertiesowned by a couple drawn to eccentric treasures. Their four-storey home is described as exuberantly clutteredand in a matter of seconds, Im back to asking myself what on earth my ideal space looks like. One thing is for certain, Im looking forward to the next inspiration-packed copy of Elle Decoration to arrive so I can continue daydreaming the answer to that question!

elle decor minimalist inspiration

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